Yakeen – Another gem by Atif Aslam

I have always been a die-hard fan of soft romantic numbers and being in love has made me pine harder for these mushy songs..however over the top and sugary sweet they might be!! So had got this album “Doorie” by Atif Aslam. Honestly speaking, except for the song Doorie, I was just not very much impressed with this entire album of Doorie by Atif. The album boasted of 18 tracks but actually has just 9 😦 with remix versions of each and every one of them…so very weird, leaving me disappointed. However this weekend having too much leisure at hand gave it another chance and must say was I surprised to have missed out on 2 wonderful songs. One is “Kuch Is Tarah” and the other one being “Yakeen”. Yakeen is a gem with some amazing lyrics along with his haunting voice. Simply love it!! The video features just Atif rendering the song but the cutie he is, makes the video worth watching! So here is the video:

Video: Yakeen

Album: Doorie

Artist: Atif Aslam

and of course the soul-touching lyrics of this rendition “Yakeen“, which is so very true for me right now cos my sweetheart is away from me and am missing him like anything.

Aaj dil dukha hai
Tum yaad aaye ho
Anjaane log hain
Apne kahan dhoond paaye

Jaage hain soye nahin
Aisi hai meri yeh bechaini
Din bhi wohi, raatein wohi
Saanson mein saansein hain nahin
hmm hmmm

Shaamein ab dhalti nahin
Aanchal jo tera simat jaaye
Aap yahaan hamesha rahein
Doorie rahe na faasle
hmm hmmm

Jaage hain soye nahin
Aisi hai meri yeh bechaini
Din bhi wohi, raatein wohi
Saanson mein saansein hain nahin
hmm hmmm hmm hmmm

Ab agar tum mile toh
Itna yakeen hai
Hans denge hum toh
Rona nahin hai

25 thoughts on “Yakeen – Another gem by Atif Aslam

  1. yakeen is a very beautiful song of atif..
    i luv it,
    i love u atifffffffff,
    Anum, Pakistan.

  2. yakeen is superb

  3. Ur words..music resemble my life….
    when i feel sad…bcum emotional…listen this music..u’ll find waves around u..listening n feeling ur situations..
    Lovin sumone gives u courage bt being loved gives u strength..

    “Ab agar tum mile toh
    Itna yakeen hai
    Hans denge hum toh
    Rona nahin hai”

  4. Hello Myriad,
    You’ve got a great blog! Since I don’t speak hindi or urdu very well, I would love to find the english translations for songs like yakeen on your website. Just a suggestion, but anyway, the blog is superb! 🙂

  5. such a lovely songgg

  6. i love aaatttifff i want to meet him his all songs are awesome he will be successful one day .may god bless him
    from kathua j&k

  7. atif ur songz are cool………

  8. aaaattiiiiffffff……mannnn..i luuvvvveeee him ALOT
    hiz songz r juz toooo awsme…
    romantic..$ad…..huh….m in luv wid him… l0l

  9. i just love to listen to this song .
    yakeeeeeeennnnnn is ia grest hit and mujhe yakeen hai ki it will be hearttouching to others as well
    goodluck atif
    sing some more good numbers like this

  10. What a voice u have god. heaven it takes me to .
    ur songs are too close to heart. Perfect melody n when i sing yakeen seems like telling my own story.
    GO OOOOOOOOOOON AAAAtif keep up da good job.

  11. outside pakistan…you make us proud atif……….way to go !!


  12. Atif Aslam rocks!!!
    Im sure his lyrics are great..unfortunately..i duno urdu..so my request is … Can you please put up the english translations for ALL his songs..preferably Maula!

  13. simply the coolest sensation in airs………..
    simple yet so effective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hi atif
    i love ur voice aap mere liye dunyain ke sab larkhon se pyare hai
    love u iram

  15. Great Atif !! Keep it up !

  16. Atif’s Heart beat voice sensational and also poetry is very emotinal and romantic

  17. mindblowing singer with mindblowing songs…….just a die hard fan….

  18. Ab agar tum miley to;
    Itna Yaqeen hay,

    Hans deingay hum to;
    Rona nahi hay.

    What can i say after these words, you simply touch my heart and whenever i listen this song i cried whole night.

  19. atif whenever u sing or like whenever i hear this song i feel so emotional.i mean ur voice really makes the song come alive.
    atif its my deep request to you that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do some concerts in nepal i really want to see u live.
    hope that u will very soon come to nepal.i will definitely waiting for u here in nepal.
    lots of luv take care n keep singing


  20. i Love Your Voice Atif Loveeeee You Atif

  21. Hi atif is supperb i realy love his songs but i dont get the name of album of Atif Aslam Songs is Door Jana Hi Tha To Pass Aye kiyon ??????
    Any one tell me about the Album of Mention Above Song

  22. hmmm PLEASE,
    a good soul can translate this song?

  23. i love dis song

  24. this song really a great one..
    Make me cry whn i listn it…….
    ATif Rockzzzzzzzzz

  25. dont u like the song “Ham kis gali jaa rahein hai” its a
    gem tooooo

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