Reasons why I Blog

Well…as I have become very irregular with my posts on my blog, I was just wondering what can be the reason…but then it led me another alley of reasoning as to what makes me blog. But then it again brings me to this point as why I should not blog…..n quickly these popped up:

  1. I find it very difficult to think of things to blog about.
  2. I am very irregular with my postings….
  3. I dont write that well…
  4. Who reads my blog anyway….so even if I stop…would anyone know…!

Anyway..yes what did I start with..yes…Why do I blog? ummmmmm I truly don’t know….. but still let me give me another shot…

  1. I want to express my views.
  2. I can record memorable events from my point of view.
  3. I find maintaining a physical diary very boring. A very poor handwriting is the real cause though  😉
  4. I can keep some of my posts private as well as password protected (you need it when you have a nosy sibling around). …and most importantly
  5. My few friends do look forward to my posts.

So I think I have got enough reasons to keep myself up and alive in the blogging world. 🙂

Tanha Dil

As I was listening to this song..I dont know when my eyes welled up with tears. God!!! Have I become so very vulnerable…?? Anyway…the song is “Roya re” from this movie Dhokha and the artist is Shiraaz Uppal ..though have never heard this singer but this rendition of his surely makes me want to listen to more of his vocal works. Coming back to the song, it’s really good some great lyrics by the singer himself. So another Paki singer trying to make an impact in Bollywood..dont know how successful will he be…but definitely has impressed me. Give the song a try and am sure many of you will agree with me.

Artist: Shiraz Uppal
OST: Dhokha

Tanhaa Dil
Tanhaai sangdil tanhaai
Sang laayi..yaad teri sang laayi
Baar baar woh bahaar phir se yaad aayi
Sooni sooni raah dil ki jisne thhi sajaayi
Tanhaa dil

Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re

Har taraf bikhre hain teri yaad ke hi nishaan
Meri har ek cheez mein hai teri hi parchaaiyaan
Tu hi hota hai tu hi rehta hai mujhme har dum sada
Paas bhi tu hai duur bhi tu hi
Hai yeh kaisi khala
Yaad banke ashq teri aankhon mein samaayi
Yaad banke ik hansi honton pe bhi aayi
Tanha dil
Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re

Chand suraj bhi wohi hain, hai wohi asmaan
Zindagi bhi chal rahi hai, chal raha hai jahaan
Main hi thehra hoon
Khud mein simta hoon
Dil hai ghum se bhara
Bin tere kaise jiyoon main
Kuch to de mashwara
Zindagani aise rehguzar pe mujhko laayi
Saaye se bhi ab tere ho gayi judaai
Tanha dil

Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re
Roya re..dil roya re