“Doorie” – Atif’s Latest

Hey my blog is turning out to be. some kinda..a music review blog..but i cant help it. In recent times there have been some very good songs ..and me being a music lover..can’t help but give my humble opinion ..yes I do have on opinion on everything not only under the sky but beyond too!

Coming back to the topic..yes Atif‘s new song “Doorie” from the album of the same name is out finally!! I think it’s amazing…..and I couldDoorie- Atif identify myself with the song cos me too missing a very dear friend and wish we were not apart!! And as always, Atif has renderd the song very beautifully ..he has the knack for these nostalgic numbers. I love this song but cant say the same for other tracks of the album. Like the number “Hum Kis Gaali Ja Rahe Hain” is a bit of a let down.

Doorie Lyrics

Doorie.. Doorie …Doorie
Sahi jaaye na
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
Sahi jaaye naaaaaa

Khamoshiyaan yeh seh na sakoon,
Aawaaz deke mujhe tu de ja sukoon.

Doorie Doorie…….

Adhoora hoon main ab tere bina,
Adhoori meri zindagani reh jaayegi

Doorie Doorie……….

Har raah mein tu aaye nazar,
Kat ta nahin ab akele tanha safar.

Doorie ………..

133 thoughts on ““Doorie” – Atif’s Latest

  1. i m not a fan of music reviews though.. but i think i will try out this one. the words r nice n knowing atif’s voice… it gotta be listeneable atleast.
    nice one friend!

  2. Being born and living in the UK often reflects on my musical tastes-but since seeing the video to Doorie the other day I’m now addicted to this Popstar-Atif you rock!!! And doorie? I can totally relate to the song at the moment…

  3. hey very good songs really faboulus wat should i say bole troh ekdamn raaapchik

  4. get achievements. what a great singer man sahi kaha hai “DOORIE SAHI NA JAYE”.


  6. 1st of all my hello to the viewers.
    i m a little fond of songs and atif is my best singer. i love his songs very much
    one he is goin 2 rock the world

  7. Atif’s voice is solace to all the griefs 🙂

    itni dard bhari aawaaz … atif show must go on \m/

  8. atif is good but i dont like him because he had stole my jal song
    jal is the best
    i love u jal,
    love u love u love u,
    i really love u jal ,
    really really really.
    .i am crazy about jal,
    crazy crazy crazy,
    i am really crazy about jal,
    really really really
    farhan voice is sweet,
    gohar is cool,
    shazi is stilish.

  9. hi, atif i luv u …………..gal sun ja and doorie are great

  10. hi, this is not just about doorie song. This about an emerging young star and he is the best i think. If some one steals song but after that he has to give 100 % but he has given 200 %. That’s why atif achieved much more than Jal.

  11. hello Muskan,
    Wowooooo i like to him all songs speacily Aadat,Lamhay,Rango Main,Tere Bin,Dorrie,Kuch Is Tarha,and other
    i listning atif atif and only atif.
    atif is always beast singer and handsom

  12. hello hi i like music this song is the the best .but the not the list if other song came this is not 1st………………..

  13. i think u should thogether with urs friend and make the music album……………

  14. well one of the songs that has set 2007 on fire duds!!!!!!!!!!
    lets hope for more

  15. very hot song!!!!!!!!!
    atif rocks!!!

  16. Atif is now my favorite singer… he adds emotions in his voice.

    “Khomshiyaa yeh Seh na saku
    Aawaaz deke mujhse tu De ja sukun”

    The above lines are from ‘Doorie’just marvelous, you can keep listening him all the day.


  17. @everyone above

    yes I do agree with u all..very lovely song…n Atif’s voice makes it better!!

  18. cool songs !!!!!!!!

  19. Atif is a dam cool singer and he will be the most of most talented singer wish him the best to his future…………..

  20. its a supop song…… i like it very much and atif voice is very cool……….

  21. love u

  22. Atif you are simply the Best …..Superb voice….Doorie too cool…:)

  23. its ausome ‘ATIF’ his voice.kitna dard hai is ke awaz mein hai. ‘doorie sahi jae na’ well it is nice.

  24. Sunaah hain Mohabbath ki Thakdeer mein, Likhein hain andherein Ghanee,
    Thabi aaj Shayad Sitare Sabi zara saahi roshan hue…

    Mere haath ki in Lakeeron mein likhe abhi aur kithne… sitam,
    Khafaa Ho gayein hain kushi waqt sey ho rahein hain meherbaan Gam….

    There is serious talent in him.

  25. hi aatif
    ur tooo lovely. i love u .ur 2 coool,handsome,amazing n bla bla……hahahaha
    kee it up!!!!

  26. OMG!!! ATIF your voice is amazing!!!! i love all your songs ……doorie…..the video is great as well…..just shows that pakistani media is progressing well!!! well done…luv u muah!!!

  27. o and btw i totally agree with deepak (above)…..there is serious talent in ATIF ASLAM….big time……hez going places…..hez been places!!!!

  28. Awaz me teri hai dard itna ki….

    mujhase yeh har ghadi, meraa dil kahe
    tum hi ho usaki aarzoo
    mujhase yeh har ghadi, mere lab kahe
    teri hi ho sab guftagoo

  29. hey Muskan, i think u r not in ur senses.. coz Atif has not stolen but jal has!!! all jal songs except 2(not aadat) are composed by Atif!!! ,, im a complete fan of Atif… i think he s done a gr8 job wid doorie!!!

  30. ATIF!!! ATIF!!! ATIF!!! well guys this man rock the world chaising the life from pakistan 2 india,Atif is fucking dude he is emotinally blackmailing me i dont y whenever i listen to dis lameh, adat, tere bin, & the latest dorrie my eyes are full of tears i dont know y i try 2 ignore his song but whever i cum 2 music shop i buy his songs, ne ways i like 2 say Atif u rock man u r the 1 who can beat dis bollywodd industry fuck them all dude my support is with u & one thing more i like 2 thank you for giving us this emotinal songs UUUUUUUUUU “ROCK”!!!!!

  31. “SANA” I THINK U SHOULD NOT SAY THAT “SHOW THAT PAKISTAN IS PROGRESSING u should” say atif is progressing. atif should be thankful 2 mahesh bhaat who introduce him to this stage well we indians are only poojari of talent(Music) not fucking we r looking for ne pakistani media i have seen that latest video of raith oh! its sound like some chai wala has cum on stage n he is holding the mic as he holding glass of tea(cutting chai) hahahahah

  32. nice

  33. Atif ur dam cool… i go crazy… ur voice is dam sexy as ur

  34. hi atif ur the bestttttttttttttt


  36. This one is for Muskan..
    Atif is all time great singer.
    I kno he stole song “Woh lumhe”.
    But this is real world
    everything is fare.
    Current situation everybody knows that Atif is Best.


    printf(“Atif is Best”);
    printf(“Atif is Cool”);
    printf(“Atif is Great”);

  37. atiffffff u mak me mad yaar …. pata nahi per jab tu gaata hai…. i feeel lik cryin ….

  38. atiffffff u mak me mad yaar …. pata nahi per jab tu gaata hai…. i feeel lik cryin …. n den cant stop myself …..

  39. i love the songs and i have a rough idea of what it means. anyone care to translate it properly??

  40. heyyyyyyy!!dosto its pooji poo here i liked atif’s newly released album god it was fab. he rocks!!hey atif we luv love u lot!!!!:)

  41. hey dude u were fab .u are best best &best!! u made all ur listeners go mad yaaaaar u rock atifffffffff!!:):}

  42. atif ur voice is jussssssss amazin.luv u atif!!!!U ROCK!

  43. Love ur songs atif!!jus go crazy listenin ot dem!!!

  44. im really mad about u. best wishes from me n my frnds. u r the best among the rest. keep it up

  45. I’m restless,
    I’m depressed,
    I’m lonely,
    I’m sad;
    and I’m getting crazy all for just 2 reasons:I’M HERE AND UR THERE


    *Your smile has made me restless,
    *Your intense gaze has locked the door of my heart 4 this world,
    *Your deep voice is still echoing in my ears………..

  47. heyyyyyy atif u rock nice songs dooriiiiiiiiiii is so good song keep up the good work

  48. atif aslam k bache tum ne to bht kharab gany gaye hai

  49. this album is i most likk atif voice soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice i can’tn express more word about it bcoz to explain i have no word for doorie

  50. doorie rocks

    splended work by atif

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  52. “doorie” a soulful song

  53. hi

  54. check it out this blog for latest songs of doorie and atof’s wallpapers.


  55. hie and salam atif…well i would love to say that i am not soo much fond of musics but after hearing you i am just crazy abt it…i have all your songs in my pc all your pics and all the interviews which you came acrross my dream is to meet with you one day i am really very crazy IN BOLLYWOOD AND ALSOO IN THIS WORLD THERE IN NONE TO CPMPETE YOU ATLEAST I CAN SAY THAT MAY GOD BLESS YOU….

  56. Hiiii Atif,,
    u r so sweeeeet & ur song Doorie’ is great.i love it very much…
    Keep it up.God bless you…

  57. This song is feeling of my heart.

  58. You know, I sang the track “Hum kis gali” from his album on our school program and everybody started singing the song.

  59. hi my bro. atif sing always

  60. he is one of the great singer and sexy too……

  61. i am the greatest fan of atif

  62. cool man!damn cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv atif!

  63. AAAAAAAtif you rocked man! i am crazy about doorie and all songs of the albem.actually aatif is one in lacs. he cant be compared to anyone else.i ‘m a big big fan of urs.LOVE U , DOORIE N ALL UR SONGS.

  64. I just wanna say that




  65. luv ur all songs bcoz u sang them.really.u are awsome man keep it up.

  66. atif u r da best of da best,great man keep it up.waiting for ur new songs all da time.

  67. hiiiiiiiiiii

  68. i love u atif. i love ur all albums and i love u very much………………………….
    from ur crazy fan shaista……………………

  69. hi, it is a very rocking and fucking song

  70. Atif rocks he is a blady Ass hole.

  71. Atif i like your voice quality,i am one of the greatest fans of you
    I ray with Allah to provide everything which you want in your life
    Be happy


  73. I love atif aslam !!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I am a die hard fan od Atif Aslam. I was not a fan of him before but after he gave the music album doorie. I thought it was my life sung in the form of songs. I was spending all my time away from house away from my childhood love who got married recently.. Life was a empty bottle transparent & just vaccum insude.. Then i found doorie when i walking down the streets of Pune market. I saw the poster & picked up the CD. when i heard the song Raaz Dil DuKhaye.. I thought that my love wud have heard me sing this perhaps she wouldnt leave me… :The para where Atif sings “AAp yaha hamesha rahe….. ” is touching….! there are many words which are touching… So guys its anice treat fort he heart ! A Must listen album to keep away loneliness…!

    (I am 24 x 7 online yahoo chat )

  75. its rocks

  76. its rocks, i lik this song ery much

  77. Dear Atif,
    All of ur songs r really good, mindblowing music, chill man, u r too cool. Ur music is too cool, esp Kuch iss tarah…. Kep going man….

  78. doorie is a great song
    i love it
    atif looks so hot in the video
    i think he is a great singer and will do very well
    from ayesha

  79. Subhanallah Atif, i loved your work since Aadat! Bless you, your songs relate to me in every lyric

  80. atif u r tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good i llike all songs of doorie
    and jailpari and i like also ur single songs east or west atif is da best i m crazy about u i am yourbiggest fan i am in love with ur voice u r so cute i like ur allsongs sooooooooooo muchspecially najaney kabse nd gal sun ja i wish all da best 4 everything whateveru do in life and i would love to see u in bollywood movies too

  81. Hi Atif

    Doorie is toooooooooooooooo

  82. hi i love him

  83. I really like this song and the video too. The way is sings the song is too good.
    I guess he will came back with another hit.

    Thank you Atif for a ce song for us.

  84. Hi.Atif……!

    Your album dorrieeeeeeeeeee……………….is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool………

    please make some more of same kind………………..

    Love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh.

  85. hi atif.myself KAVITA.i m from rohtak.maine site par sbke comments pde.sab kitna pyar krte h tumse.tum ho hi isi kaabil.ek comment me likha tha ki tum proudy nhi ho.hona b nhi chahiye.aasmaan paane k liye jmeen chodna achi baat nhi.mughe nhi lgta ki m tumse kbi mil paungi.par mera ye message tum tak phuch jaye mere liye yhi bahut bdi baat hai.may GOD gives u every thing that u want 2 get in ur life. my best wishes r always with u.


  87. atif is just the best singer in this universe he had earned respect and had become a raage where as jal has noting they are loser

  88. Gr8est song by the god of music.
    Hats off for Atif.

  89. jisko bhi dekho woh tere piche pada hai…

  90. i lov ur songs yar ur gr8 specially dis 1Doorie.. Doorie …Doorie
    Sahi jaaye na
    Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
    Sahi jaaye naaaaaa
    Sahi jaaye naaaaaa

    Khamoshiyaan yeh seh na sakoon,
    Aawaaz deke mujhe tu de ja sukoon.

    Doorie Doorie…….

    Adhoora hoon main ab tere bina,
    Adhoori meri zindagani reh jaayegi

    Doorie Doorie……….

    Har raah mein tu aaye nazar,
    Kat ta nahin ab akele tanha safar.

    Doorie ………..

  91. atif is fantastic he is ze best i looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee him a lot his voice is magical and touches the heart he cannot be compared with anyone he is better than himesh also.

  92. can u please translate the song doorie to english its nice song but i dont understand what it means thx

  93. It is a very good and emotional song
    Can not get enough of it

  94. Dear Atif,
    All of ur songs r really good, mindblowing music, chill man, u r too cool. Ur music is too cool, esp Kuch iss tarah…. Kep going man….

  95. Dear Atif,
    All of ur songs r really good, i m ur fen pls pls sing ur “Jalpari” album in remix

  96. Me n My Love are both listening to this right now and listening to her singing along makes my heart come out. It feels like that the time has stopped and dont have words for these moments. This is defenitely a song which will go along with you.

  97. love,
    as we miss lot of things that we have to do together
    i guess we did just one of them….

  98. Yes, this beautiful solace is a part of them and we are going to meet kuch is tarah ke…………………………………………………………………..

  99. A gud song Kuch is tarah ……. Just awesome i luv this song atif ur a gr8 singer i love Mu@hhhh!!!!

  100. who has composed aadat

  101. well abt atif his voice has magic,……..no comments……….. love u atif

  102. salam aatif i am fan of urs ur voice is amazing and love it
    u r tooooooooooooo goooooooooooddddddddddd

  103. he is my favourite hindi singer

  104. This is my only favourite song
    I like it b’cose of Atif’s voice
    he’s Rocking

  105. HI ATIF,
    i like your voice and especially the way you sing. tere bin, doorie and ye kis gali and many more are awesome. I just wish that i could meet you.



  106. Fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic singer. I just love his voice and his songs too. i am a die hard fan of aaaaatifffff!!!!!

  107. Hi! Atif I love your song Doorie because this song is so emotoinal or Whenever I listening this song at that time I am always thinking of my love POOJA SINGH.


  109. Doorie sahi jaye na!wala kya mast song he kya mast gaya he l really lyk ur songs fantastic u rock bye

  110. Can someone tell me where I can find the english translations for Doorie… I am only learning Urdu and am so excited about this CD, got it from a dear friend… thanks Jillian

  111. atifs voise is so good & it seems to passionate

  112. gr8 talent…amazing voice, beautiful lyrics…thts wht i call tru music…

  113. hi Atif ye r really having the wonder voice in this world. i m very fond of ur voice nd i too m want to learn music from you. would u teach me da music pliz i shall be always be waiting fer ur kindness.
    May god bless you nd adorn ur voice .

  114. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    tthats coolllllll!!!!!!!!!

    like me aha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. i just wanna say…..

  116. hi atif i like your voice much .i wish i c
    oulod meet you once .byee from nepal best of luck do well sing well

  117. NO WORDS ………………

  118. its my dream i was meet you atif and its my dream i must be singer as you

  119. his voice,, his look ,,, Rocks .

  120. i adore atif

  121. im egyptian but when hear atif i fel somting take my breath away and remebr every moment of lve i lived befor

  122. i think this man has made people believe that one can really rule over hearts….. more than crores at a time
    i really love u a load atif
    just u u u u ..n u………….
    u’ll ever be in hearts of all the youngsters n country is not a matter at all
    keep giving us new gifts i form of ur lovely voice
    loads of love n gud luk 4 future

  123. WOW!!!!! dudee u r so damn hotttt nd so coooooooooooooool. U make my breth Go!!!!!!!!
    I luv soooo MUCH plss MARY me!!!!!!!

  124. Atif i am your fan plez your new album is pays plez send song +919970941268

  125. Jalpari, doori,merikahani,is payas , this alubm is veri good song atif plez tell me +9970941268

  126. hi there frndz..atif…i am a die-hard fan of urs…and wen i see u hav so many fans i hav nothing more to say!!

  127. i know u r a great star…but if ever u see dis msg can u please reply at my no.-9804415623…or mail me back????i’ll be obliged!!!

  128. atif and his team mates rockkk da world!!!!

    JALPARI was my favourite!!


  129. Asalam O Alikum….03332467669..03422208412

  130. I loveeeeeeeeee uuuuu atif i like this song…………

  131. Hi…! Atif I’m kiran m ur great fan i like ur all songs like, doorie,jalpari,gal sun ja,meri kahani,tere bin,kuch is tarha,yarro,hangami,joug,maan hota hai,rabba sacheya,kinara,yakeen,hum kis galli,mel karde rabba,o re piya,maula,mahiya ve, mahi ve,chhod gaye,mae ne…… all songs i like and F.A.L.T.U. ur song all are i like atif aslam. please give me ur contact no. i want meet you


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