Beautiful Words in English

1. Mother
2. Passion
3. Smile
4. Love
5. Eternity
6. Fantastic
7. Destiny
8. Freedom
9. Liberty
10. Tranquility
11. Peace
12. Sweetheart
13. Gorgeous
14. Cherish
15. Enthusiasm
16. Hope
17. Grace
18. Serendipity
19. Bliss
20. Lullaby
21. Sophisticated
22. Renaissance
23. Cosy
24. Hilarious
25. Moment
26. Extravaganza
27. Sentiment
28. If
29. YOU

I Wish….

Portrait of a girl holding a parasolI wish I could go back to the time
“Getting High” meant “On a Swing”
“Drinking” meant “Lemonade”
Dad was the only “HERO”
“Love” was “Mom’s Hug”
Dad’s shoulder was “the Highest place on Earth”
Our Worst Enemies were “our Siblings”
The only thing that could “Hurt” was a “Skinned Knee”
The only things “Broken” were our “Toys” and
“Goodbyes” only meant “Till Tomorrow”
As a child always used to wonder that when I grow up, everything will be as per my wishes and under my control! What an illusion!  I cherish my childhood.  😦

End of Another Decade

As the year 2009 is about to end, I’m thinking it’s not just another year, it’s a decade coming to an end. Just made me think what have I done in this decade?
To sum up the decade, here is the list of things that happened to me in the decade about to end:
2000 -Graduated from Unversity of Calcutta, BSC in Botany.
2001 – My elder brother got his job. Very good news but then he had to move away from us.  😦
2002 – Completed my post-grad, topped my department.
2003 – Registerd for my Ph. D.
2004 – Got my first job as SEO trainee. Got the taste of SEO as link developer for Created record by being first girl from my family to actually work.
2005 – Promoted to post of SEO Analyst. Dropped my Ph. D plans. 😦 It seemed to be going nowhere!
2006 – Life is full of suprises!!! Made a friend out of the blue, and he became my bestest friend. 31st march is a red letter day in my calendar! Started my blog.
2007 – Confessed my love for my sweetheart! The most unforgettable year of my life till date!
Passed my Diplome Superieur (French).
2008 – Last saw my sweetheart.
2009 – A very eventful year!!! My younger brother went abroad. My elder brother got married. Lost too many near and dear ones! The losses were accompanied with new members joining the family as spouses of cousins. But overall for me it’s been the Worst year of the decade. It’s been a very lonely and long year! And THE WAIT doesn’t seem to end!  😦
In the last ten years my life has changed a lot and that goes the same for me too!! I have drastically changed from a timid soft-spoken girl to a bold and confident woman! I hope I have changed for the better.
As the new year and decade starts, I just wish my dreams and wishes come true.
Hoping for a great Decade ahead of me!

Wish you all a Very Happy And Prosperous New year!

Bondhu Tomay (To You My Friend)

I know I know..many would be surprised by the title and would be trying to decipher it. Well it’s the title of a bangla (yes that’s the right name of the language Bengali) song by the band Chandrabindoo. While I was working out today morning, I heard this song on the radio and just couldn’t help humming along with the song. To be honest, I had never been interested in the Bangla bands (except for one case, but that’s a different story), but this song really gripped me. The song kept on playing in mind all day long and I kept humming it too and I finally I had to download ! The song is about old school and college days, the carefree days of fun and frolic we have with friends, the stupid things we do, which we will miss all our life. Very lovely song. Wish someone could translate the lyrics to English, so that people who do not understand bangla can also comprehend the song. Anyone?

Artist: Chandrabindoo

Album: Gadha

Lyrics – Bondhu Tomae

chera ghuri rongin ball
ei tukui shombol
aar chilo roddur e pawa bikel bela
baaje boka ratri din
asterix tintin
elomelo kotah ure jeto
hashir thelae

she hashi chute jeto godhuli michile
shobar olokkhete tumio ki chile |
hawae hawae
hawae hawae
bondhu tomae e gaan shonabo
bikel belae
arekbar jodi tomaedr dole nao khelae ||

golper moto ishkul bari
jome otha khoto
khelbona aari |
she khela kana goli
roj chupishare
ebong aagun chilo last counter e
hawae hawae
hawae hawae
bondhu tomae e gaan shonabo
bikel belae
arekbar jodi tomaedr dole nao khelae ||

boimela gulo tar gi shreyoshi
chena mukhgulo porichito haashi |
she hashi rod jhikimiki karnishe
shahoshi chumbon aajo parenishe
hawae hawae
hawae hawae
bondhu tomae e gaan shonabo
bikel belae
arekbar jodi tomaedr dole nao khelae ||

chera chobi fotik jol
eitukui shombol
badbaki rod chole jawa bikel bela
aak gheye klanto din
tancus asperin
janjot e deri hoye gelo bikel bela
mora macher chokh jae jotdure
shukano jolchobi aajo roddure
hawae hawae
hawae hawae
bondhu tomae e gaan shonabo
bikel belae
arekbar jodi tomaedr dole nao khelae ||

2 states – the story of my marriage

Chetan Bhagat‘s last book 3 mistakes of my life had left me totally disappointed. I couldn’t even go through 2 chapters of “3 mistakes”. The book still lies in my book rack, half-read begging to be completed. But I don’t think I am in any mood to do so in the near future. One Night @ the Call Centre also was not so great compared to five point someone, the best we have had from the author till date.  It was the built up of Five point that kept me going and complete the second one.  However, thanks God, he is back in form after these two disasters.

2 states: the story of my marriage

Next to five point someone, it is absolutely hilarious and fun going through the book – fast paced, no time to blink here. ‘2 states: the story of my marriage’ picks up where ‘five point someone’ left off. It’s an against-all-odds love story about commitment and resolve. The story is told through protagonist Krish, a Punjabi boy after he falls for a Tamil girl, Ananya. The colloquial humor of Chetan’s writing is the highlight of the book.  The wit and sarcasm stand out and are worth quite a few LOL moments. 2 states is an easy read. Every Indian who watches Bollywood knows the twist in this story. Yet you must read this book once, if only to know what lovers from different communities go through at the hands of their families. How love is at mercy of societal, familial norms. How love can drive you crazy. I could totally identify with Krish’s condition when he uses another person’s cellphone to call up Ananya as she ignores all his calls  or when he can’t take Ananya’s silence any more and flies to her for a day! When the person you love rejects you it makes you do things insane! Though many have  issue  that the endings are predictable, and that the premise seems similar every time. But c’mon guys don’t you want your life to be happy…I like stories which end with happily ever after.
In short, a nice and entertaining book. Not all books are meant to be literary works with complicated plots with twisted sentences. Perfect when you want to read something light and get amused.