Google Chrome – Mini Review


Google Chrome Logo

Tried the new web browser by Google – Chrome. Just as all Google products..its neat and nifty. Plenty of screen space. Title bar space has been used for tabs and no status bar. The entire look is so clean and fresh. You will love it. Ever since I downloaded I have been using it. 


Bookmarking made so much easier, just click the star icon at the left edge of the address bar and there you go.. it’s done. 

Want to open a tab in a new window?? Just drag the tab out of the browser to open it in new window. Drag a window into the tab of another chrome window and its integrated into that window as a tab.. you have to experience it.

The address bar, which Google calls the “omnibox” doubles as a search box. As youtype in, it automatically suggests realted queries and websites, that you might be looking for.

Incognito mode lets you browse through sites which wont be stored in your browsing history. One can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time in separate windows.

However, having used FireFox, am missing on the various addons. Hoping that Google Chrome will be coming out with a whole lot of addons too.

One thing I expected was Google Toolbar integrated into Chrome by default. It’s missing and there isn’t any available for Chrome.  😦

One drawback I have experienced is that if at times one of your tabs is hung, you cannot navigate to other tabs. This in particular happens when you are playing a video.

Google Chrome Releases Today

Google is set to launch its own Web browser. It promises to be more quicker and secure than others. It is not not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that’s what we set out to build as quoted by Pichai and Upson.

Chrome organizes information into tabbed pages, as in major web browsers. However, Chrome features the tab bar above the address bar. Web programs can be launched in their own dedicated windows. It also offers a variety of features to make the browser more stable and secure, according to the comic book guide.

Once released on Tuesday September 2nd, 2008, the browser can be downloaded at

The Chrome download page was briefly live — long enough for some screen shots of the new Google browser to leak out.  😉 So here is a sneak preview:

Chrome Screen Shots