My Favorite Chrome Extensions

Just as you can with Firefox,  you can now power up Chrome by installing add-ons that improve the functionality of the app and boost your productivity. The best thing is that it is so very easy to do, not even requiring a restart to add, deactivate or uninstall new extensions. Best of all, they don’t seem to impact the performance of Chrome. Sorry FF,  I changed my loyalty.

My fave 5 are:
1. Chromed Bird – best twitter extension for Chrome. It’s fast, light and relatively powerful. You can access home, mentions and direct messages. Plus it give you flexibility to reply, retweet and direct message users.
2. Google Mail Checker Plus – Earlier I was using Google Mail Checker, but with plus version available, this is a hot fave. You can preview, delete, archive or spam your unread mail without going into your inbox. You need a bit of work in the options to get going. But at least now I can have one tab less on my browser. 🙂
3. Chrome Muse – simple, effective and lets you use a dozen URL shortening services –, tinyurl, Only drawback – no Twitter integration. For that you can use It lets you shorten the links that can be shared with your friends on Twitter and other places.
4. Adthwart – this extension blocks unwanted ads.  Simple and it’s very easy to switch the ads on and off.
5. Facebook for Google Chrome – lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall. You can also update your status by clicking on your profile picture.

As I was completing this post, I discovered one great extension, so this list now becomes my Top 6 Chrome Extensions:
6. Google Quick Scroll – While doing a Google Search, when you navigate to a site, a clickable popup at the bottom of the screen shows you how many times the searched keyword shows up on the page with its locations. Neat!

Chrome Extensions Are Now Live

Google Chrome Extensions, which were earlier just for developers, are now live for everybody! Google chrome was launched with around 300 extensions.

I have been waiting for Chrome extensions for long and the only reason I stuck to using Firefox is of the huge galore of extensions available. Now..I am shifting ful time to Google Chrome! However, the extensions only work on Windows and Linux (in beta) for now. To install extensions you need to have Beta Channel of Google Chrome. The launch of Chrome extensions coincided with the launch of Chrome browser for Mac users, (finally they too got lucky :P). Let me checkout the extensions gallery if they have come up with my Firefox favorite add-ons or their equivalents!

Google Chrome – Mini Review


Google Chrome Logo

Tried the new web browser by Google – Chrome. Just as all Google products..its neat and nifty. Plenty of screen space. Title bar space has been used for tabs and no status bar. The entire look is so clean and fresh. You will love it. Ever since I downloaded I have been using it. 


Bookmarking made so much easier, just click the star icon at the left edge of the address bar and there you go.. it’s done. 

Want to open a tab in a new window?? Just drag the tab out of the browser to open it in new window. Drag a window into the tab of another chrome window and its integrated into that window as a tab.. you have to experience it.

The address bar, which Google calls the “omnibox” doubles as a search box. As youtype in, it automatically suggests realted queries and websites, that you might be looking for.

Incognito mode lets you browse through sites which wont be stored in your browsing history. One can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time in separate windows.

However, having used FireFox, am missing on the various addons. Hoping that Google Chrome will be coming out with a whole lot of addons too.

One thing I expected was Google Toolbar integrated into Chrome by default. It’s missing and there isn’t any available for Chrome.  😦

One drawback I have experienced is that if at times one of your tabs is hung, you cannot navigate to other tabs. This in particular happens when you are playing a video.