Resolutions for the New Year

It’s the beginning of another year. It’s the time of the year when we look back to the year gone by and hopeful of the coming year. And as customary most will be making new year’s resolutions and within a short span of time most of it would be broken too. Making great resolutions generally ends up with you reverting to your ways, making you feel like a failure. So this year when you make resolutions to change aspects of yourself you believe are negative, try to keep them few, practical and achievable. Going out of the way to prove yourself to others is of no use.

Here are some top new year resolutions one can make and try to keep them:

Spend more time with your family:
In this hi-tech life with more and more machines to make our life easier and do our work faster, we still are always short of time for our loved ones. So let this year be the time to spend more time with your family and dear ones and bring back the joy of bonding to your mundane life.

Stay healthy:
Let this year be the time when you finally hit the treadmill or take up an exercise regime along with a planned diet (no crash dieting please!!) to get back in shape and stay fit.

Quit Smoking:

It’s really hard for smokers to give up the ciggy, but nicotine replacement therapy now provides easier access to proven quit-smoking aids. Even though you must have tried to quit earlier and not succeeded, give another try this year. If you make it, believe me you will be one happy person happy enjoying a smoke-free life.

Quit Drinking:
How many more hit and run cases by drunk drivers and how many more pavement dwellers getting crushed!! Even if not for others’ make an effort to give up alcohol for the your own health benefits.

Get Organized:
Lets take this new year seriously and take the vow of getting more organized and pre-arranged to be professionally successful.

Learn Something New:
All our life is an unending learning process, so this year learn something new. Whether you take a course or read a book, you’ll find education to be one of the easiest, most motivating New Year’s resolutions to keep.

Help Others:
In planning for all the good things for ourselves, lets also try to do something, big or small, which makes life of others better.

And before you all accuse me of getting all saintly and all wisely, let me put down my new year resolutions:

Go on a Vacation:
Well, this year I definitely plan to take a break from my hectic, stressful, and home-work-home routine life and go on a vacation.

Enjoy Life more:
I hope to get out of the stress of personal and professional life and try living an easy life.

Be Less Harsh on Others:

As some people have pointed out to me I say things to people on their face which may hurt them, so plan to have more control over myself ..actually try to turn diplomatic!! Tough one to keep..huh…cos i am one of those who do not hesitate to call a spade a spade!!!

Be Positive:
Sometimes it is hard to stay positive, and negative thoughts surround me and ends up with me going onto a depression. so from now one every time a negative thought comes to me, will try zap it, replace it with a positive thought.

Lose Weight:
Weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and so is it of mine. I know people knowing me would tell me that I do not need to ..but I would feel good to lose some pounds and tame the bulge.

Catch upon Reading:
Due to the time crunch, I hardly get the time to lay my hand on books..leave alone reading them . But this year I plan to read at least 5 books.

I think these are more than enough for a year. The less they are the more chances being successful in keeping them. Trying to do everything simultaneously practically guarantees failure across the board.

I know most people prefer to keep their resolutions to themselves, so that they are not answerable to others if they do not succeed. But look at it another way. If you tell you friends about it, you will have more people prodding you, in case you fall behind. 🙂 a goodway to keep you on track is to sign up with an e-mail reminder service to keep you committed.

So whatever be your resolutions, just strive to change for the better in the new year!