Solar Eclipse 2010 in India on January 15th

The solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 is an annular eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 0.9190. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun’s light. An annular eclipse will appear as partial eclipse over a region thousands of miles wide.
Solar Eclipse 2010It will be visible as a partial eclipse in much of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. It will be seen as annular within a narrow stretch of 300 km (190 mi) width across Central Africa, Maldives, South Kerala(India), South Tamil Nadu(India), North Sri Lanka, parts of Burma and parts of China.
At approx 13.20 hrs IST, the annular solar eclips enters India at Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum), Kerala and exits India at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. The eclipse is viewable for 10.4 minutes in India. The best place from India is Dhanushkodi in Pamban Island off Tamil Nadu coast. Dhanushkodi is about 18 km South east from Rameshwaram and 18 Km West of Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.
Note: The total eclipse will begin at about 5:13 GMT and ends at 8:59 GMT – The greatest eclipse view is expected at 7:07 GMT.

7 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 2010 in India on January 15th

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  2. that must be cool to see, I have never seen one…don’t where I was when it happened here…aw well enjoy! How are you my friend?

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  4. in bangalore it was partial but it was fun to see the shadows of the leaves during this eclipse

  5. Did you saw this solar… It would be fun to see it… 🙂

  6. @§ahibzada ¥A$¡N’s a great experience.. and this eclipse was one of kind to happen in this Millennium! It was the longest Annular eclipse of the millennium! An eclipse lasting longer than this one won’t happen until 3043.

  7. 3043… I don’t know that there will be any human being on this earth or not… Its a greta experience in life…:P

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