Valentine’s Day Post

valentineValentines is just around the corner and and am sure many would still be at wit’s end while choosing the PERFECT GIFT for your valentine to express your undying love.

I am no expert but believe me the best gifts are the ones from the heart and not the wallet. Say it with words… even if you are not an expert in giving words to your thoughts, whatever you put down will be poetry to your love.. just get the words out. Any physical gift should be secondary like the icing on the cake and not the other way round. Though I know love now has become materialistic and many judge the love of their partner by the value of the gift. I still remember my first V-day was totally unexpected and it is the most cherishable gift I have ever received. The little note that came along with it is a treasure and is something I can’t part with.

Anyways. If you are not sure..still, you can never go wrong with flowers and chocolates. Or you could be more practical and  go the South Korean way – give hard cash. According to a survey conducted by a local matchmaking company, 27 percent of 256 men who were interviewed opted for cash while 13 percent chose travel-related presents. Twelve percent wanted a wallet, rather than something to fill it with, but only seven percent desired chocolate — the most popular gift in previous years. (Source : The Korea Herald)

So all you people out there, don’t strain yourself unless you want to be a martyr for love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Post

  1. Good post.

    One cannot flaunt love… love can only be felt… touched deep in one’s soul.

  2. @ navedz

    Yes love is eternal. If you have to think about whether you love someone or not then the answer is no. When you love someone you just know.

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