Journey of a Girl


4 years old –

She sees her papa waiting for her outside school. She runs towards him and falls flat on face. She looks up and there is the hand of her father helping her with the pain.

10 years old –

She comes back home crying for a loss of friend. A friend who betrayed her for another. There is the hand of a mother trying to wipe her tears.

17 years old –

She is in her teen age and there is a guy harassing her. There is a brother to protect her and she feels safe.

19 years old –

She is going through an emotional crisis unable to understand her feelings. There is a sister who helps her understand those feelings.

25 years old –

She is in love. She has abondoned every one for this one man.

Today –

She is in pain. Yet another pain and nobody to understand her or help her. The pain of losing one and all for none. No love no family. She looks up for one hand and there is none.

And sees her own shadow today.

9 thoughts on “Journey of a Girl

  1. And again Why such a sad feeling for girls of today…….

  2. And why has this sad n gloomy thought come to one of the most cheerful girl…

  3. @ vikram

    it is about a girl and not a general note, if you did not notice.

  4. @Shoaib

    cos she really feels very lonely and sad.

  5. But why so sad ending for that girl. why not any positive note

  6. @Vikram

    aaah dont your queries end!!! n btw, i did not write that’s the ending!!!

  7. Actually u r right My queries dont end. I am always in search of new answers…….

  8. i think the blended of this girl may b that according to this story that she should not fall in love with anyone.
    but u know wat?
    thats not a girl’s mistake
    kyunki pyaar hota nhi ho jaata hai………..
    its not in our hand

  9. THATS 100% right 😥

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