Google Chrome – Mini Review


Google Chrome Logo

Tried the new web browser by Google – Chrome. Just as all Google products..its neat and nifty. Plenty of screen space. Title bar space has been used for tabs and no status bar. The entire look is so clean and fresh. You will love it. Ever since I downloaded I have been using it. 


Bookmarking made so much easier, just click the star icon at the left edge of the address bar and there you go.. it’s done. 

Want to open a tab in a new window?? Just drag the tab out of the browser to open it in new window. Drag a window into the tab of another chrome window and its integrated into that window as a tab.. you have to experience it.

The address bar, which Google calls the “omnibox” doubles as a search box. As youtype in, it automatically suggests realted queries and websites, that you might be looking for.

Incognito mode lets you browse through sites which wont be stored in your browsing history. One can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time in separate windows.

However, having used FireFox, am missing on the various addons. Hoping that Google Chrome will be coming out with a whole lot of addons too.

One thing I expected was Google Toolbar integrated into Chrome by default. It’s missing and there isn’t any available for Chrome.  😦

One drawback I have experienced is that if at times one of your tabs is hung, you cannot navigate to other tabs. This in particular happens when you are playing a video.

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome – Mini Review

  1. If Chrome is a browser it is not like any browser I have seen. For instance Internet Explorer, Opera or Mozilla. It does not have menus. The first thing that opened when I clicked on the icon – was a page with Mysearch – I expected the default homepage would be Google. Since there were no menus I was puzzled as to how to use it. There was this address bar the only thing which was familiar.
    It is such a curious browser somethings just popped up – entire ad regarding what Chrome was all about. Some of the videos had expired so they were useless.
    It took some time to notice that there were two icons on the top right hand corner of the Chrome window. I thought they were merely for decorative purpose nothing else. I clicked on them and found out they were the menu. When I clicked on new tab – I found something really annoying – a tab is always empty, this was not. It had boxes on all the pages I had seen in the little time I had was experimenting using Chrome. This would happen every time I opened a new tab. Opera has something slightly similar but it is ones choice to place websites which visits, I have disabled that on Opera – I do not want anyone to know what I have been browsing, in Chrome that does not unless opens a page.
    Chrome does not handle pictures well. I wanted to view a background picture – I could not do that. When I tried to do that by right clicking I was told to use Internet Explorer, only after opening Internet Exlorer I was able select and view the background image.
    The question is why did Chrome ask me to use Internet Explorer and not a browser of my choice – it as if Internet Explorer is the only browser. In Mozilla when a picture is opened in a seperate tab it can enlarged and in the version of Opera it can be enlarged or shrunk to any desired size. Picture management is perhaps the best in Opera.
    The bookmark links below the address bar were of different Windows applications. I do not have a Hotmail account, but on the bookmark links tab had Hotmail. Ideally Chrome should be promoting Gmail not Hotmail.
    Chrome seems less like a browser and appears to be something else completely. I still do not how to remove original bookmark links and have my desired bookmarks. It is an uphill task, only someone who is a real computer expert would know what to do with this ‘browser’ I definitely will not use till a better and an improved version shows up.

  2. Seems to me Jeddy that you’re a complete moron… First off you don’t need google to be your homepage since the address bar has a built in google search…if you don’t want people knowing where you’re going stop looking at PORN all the time…anyways google comes with an incognito window so your searches and browsing doesn’t get stored anywhere…since you need to be so friggen private…As for needing to be an expert at computers to understand this browser…lets see how should we delete a bookmark…i dunno…maybe right-click then scroll down and click delete…Personalizing bookmarks has never been easier just click the star next to the address bar…Jeddy good luck keeping up with technology… If you can’t keep up with something as simple as Google Chrome…you should probably just stop using a computer… Google Chrome gets a nine out of ten for my rating

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