Google Chrome Releases Today

Google is set to launch its own Web browser. It promises to be more quicker and secure than others. It is not not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that’s what we set out to build as quoted by Pichai and Upson.

Chrome organizes information into tabbed pages, as in major web browsers. However, Chrome features the tab bar above the address bar. Web programs can be launched in their own dedicated windows. It also offers a variety of features to make the browser more stable and secure, according to the comic book guide.

Once released on Tuesday September 2nd, 2008, the browser can be downloaded at

The Chrome download page was briefly live — long enough for some screen shots of the new Google browser to leak out.  😉 So here is a sneak preview:

Chrome Screen Shots

15 thoughts on “Google Chrome Releases Today

  1. Waah…I missed the “live” part. The screen shots really look in the Google Chrome comic book. Can’t wait for the download to open tomorrow…

  2. @ ballueder

    Well.. Google is already the POWER!! Nothing can stop Google from attaining Web Supremacy.

  3. @ Farghana

    Whilst Google has the power, and surely changed the way we use the net, there is always the chance for more.

    Don’t you think? One day, someone comes up with a “new Google”, a new system, a new search? Wish it could be me 😉

  4. Well, I’m writing this post from the Google Chrome browser and so far the features look pretty cool.

    I’m missing all of my nice Firefox plug ins, but the page loading seems to be really, really fast. I would suggest that this is recommended (at least in it’s current beta state) for people who don’t need/use fancy add ons and prefer usability.

    It’s very clean and very easy to use, there is no home button, but now that I think of it, it was always kind of useless. Google search is incorporated into the URL bar, which is ridiculously easy to use.

    Whenever you open a new tab it has suggestions of things you’ll probably be opening that tab to look at (history, bookmarks etc)

    I just started, and so far it look very promising. I wonder if they are planning on adding a Firefox like add on system (which I would like) but might bloat the program. It’s so sleek in it’s current state.

    My two cents mini review. I haven’t used enough to have it crash, but apparently only the tab that crashes gets crashed; the rest of the browser stays intact. nifty.

  5. @ ballueder

    ooh..tats very ambitious…. hmm…but yes Google defilnitely needs some competition…!

  6. @ icecalibre

    well i m replying to your comment from Google Chrome browser..I am loving it till now…but I am missing the Google Toolbar… have been using it since ever… I was expecting it to be integrated in the browser by default.

  7. I saw the chrome. But am not that impressed with it. There is nothing very new or iinovative in it. All the features it shows are already there in some or other browser. Also the fact that it does not have many features that other browser does have.

    Oh forgot to mention, if this catches on, than it means I have one more browser to test all my web sites with. What the heck!!!!!!!!

  8. I download it, testing and want to say that not very fast. Mozilla Firefox better!!

  9. @ Vikram

    Learn to appreciate the good things in life..!! 😛

    n BTW.. i changed the theme of my blog…How does it look??

  10. So what do you all think?

    I haven’t had a chance to look at it – am busy at work and won’t be able to properly look at it until the weekend. First glimpse is nice.

  11. Chrome will need some “test-driving” to see if it’s really that much faster than either Firefox or IE… in any case it will most likely be FireFox that is hardest hit by Chrome’s release

  12. @ kingdom media

    I agree. Most people including myself like FF because IE is “not so good” 🙂 Ergo, FF lovers might consider Chrome.

    Then again, maybe some IE users could be converted to Chrome, e.g. try something new because it is “made by Google” – never underestimate the brand value.

  13. @Farghana

    Learn to appreciate the good things in life..!! 😛

    And exactly what is that good about chrome which is not there in any other browser?

    n BTW.. i changed the theme of my blog…How does it look??
    Sorry, In my ofc the css is not loading. I will check in House and tell u more of my great comments of ur theme…..

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