River IQ Game

Tried the River IQ Game? This a very interesting game which gets frustrating as your trials at getting all the people across the river is a failure and results in some punches. It took me 10 mins. to crack it and tell you don’t think the first time you have done it the next time you will be able to do it quick ..it will take another round of logical thinking and strategic planning to get them all there!!

The instructions are in Japanese, I guess, am not sure though. But don’t get worried..just click on the big blue circle to start and assuming that you all do not read Japanese, here are the instructions in English 😉

  • To move the people, click on them.
  • To move the raft, click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.


  • Only 2 people can be on the raft at the same time
  • The Father cannot be left alone with either or both of the daughters without their Mother
  • The Mother cannot be left alone with either or both of the sons without their Father
  • The thief (the redhead in the striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there — she gets violent
  • Only the adults (the Father, the Mother and the Policeman) know how to operate the raft

Click on the image below to start your trip.

River IQ Game

So go on give it a try and let me know how long did you take to get everybody across the river.

12 thoughts on “River IQ Game

  1. not more than 5 minutes pal.
    but it was really a fun. thanks for the break 🙂

  2. it took me about a minute 🙂
    it was pretty fun.

  3. it’s too difficult to answer it for a kid

  4. 6 SECONDS

  5. pretty easy
    nt more then 2 minutes

  6. I finished the game with in 68 sec ., like this any other game means pls send to me samrat_bala@zapak.com

  7. And why can’t people just get along with each other huh?

    cool game x

  8. very easy bt rules were realy funny……………………..

  9. I cant crack this it’s doing my head in … can any body tell me the solution, or give me a friggen clue lol … am I dumb haha?

  10. Police/thief

    That’s my soloution

  11. it took me 1min

  12. worst game everrrRRRRRRrrRRRRR why the fuck r dey fighting ????

    police can put da theif in jail father can go wid hiz sons mom can go wid her daughetrs but why the fuck do momhits da sonnn ???

    cant stop laughing worst game evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRR

    ofcourse some lame japneese made this game for sure

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