What Every Kiss Means…

What every Kiss means

~Kiss on the Forehead = I hope we’re together forever

~Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything

~Kiss on the Cheek = You look so cute

~Kiss on the Hand = I adore you

~Kiss on the Neck = We belong together

~Kiss on the Shoulder = I want you

~Kiss on the Lips = I love you

What the gesture means…

~Holding Hands = We definitely like each other

~Holding on tight = I don’t want to let go

~Looking into each other’s Eyes = I just plain love you

~Playing with Hair = Tell me you love me

~Arms around the Waist = I love you too much to let go

~Laughing while Kissing = I am completely comfortable with you


*Don’t ask for a kiss, take one.*

**If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in Love.**


43 thoughts on “What Every Kiss Means…

  1. hmmm… u reading love codes nowadays!! 😛

  2. @ Naved

    jus found it interesting n posted it..dont get into deeper meanings!!

  3. I feel so special. I’ve done all of those things with someone…You made my day, thanks.

    -Jessica lynn

  4. For me, KISS means, Keep It Simple and Straight

  5. i remembered of sme1 who played wiz me. ze only conclusion i can giv is she is bewafaa………….

  6. nice coding :P.
    I’m shocked that i was thinking of s/o all the while… 🙂
    He’s done none of this yet… hmmmmm….
    but i’ve chosen my fav for him … nice post!!
    cool blog !!!!!
    🙂 myriad indeed.

  7. ithink in my lost love and wish just to have one moment of looking to his eyes but even that icnt have forever but i have hope to even see him once,,,and nothng more

  8. it doesn’t apply to everybody since we have our own perspectiveof how we value a kiss. We may put a meaning into it but we may not, especially when it came from a friend.

  9. @Ann

    well, it just depends on the way u perceive it….n these meanings are applicable to kissing between 2 people in love!

  10. Kiss is not only KiSS,
    It is Sign of Love!!!!!

  11. I just love the different ways and meanings of kissing, its a sutle yet noticeable way to let someone know your thinking of them or care about them in a loving way..it reenforces someone to realize how special they are, everyone needs hugs and kisses, thats why the world is in such bad shape, most are afraid to show love.. Its costs nothing but a moment of your time and a lifetime of great memorys….share one…

  12. It means – Keep it Simple Stupid 🙂 🙂

  13. If a kiss was a raindrop id send u showers.
    If a kiss was a raindrop id send u showers.if a hug was a second id send u hours.if a smile was water id send u a sea.if love was a person id send u me!

  14. every kiss is a feeling of love..no matter what kiss it was!!!

  15. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! how cute! 😀

  16. Hmmpf? I’ve thinking someone special in my life…I felt crazy and wasted every time I think of him…I think I’m in love with him, but I need to let go my feelings…I missed his kiss.

  17. nice…how did you know all of that? keep me posted…haha..:))

  18. now i can tell my girlfriends what does it meant and how important is her to me…

  19. ok so i went out with this guy and he totally ignored me for the three months we were “going out”. he told me he loved me one or first date and we almost kissed but he had his sister and her friend go with us. i have had the worlds most pathetic love life in the world! what should i do to get a guy please help!!!!!

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  21. haha . . . i did all of them todayy… but when i kissed her on the ear she was liek WTFFF…

    ahahah then i told her i had a bet wit ma mate that i couldnt do all of these in under an houre and half but i prooved him wrong…


  22. Hey guyz i can’t kis any1 am not in love wid.lukin 4 sm1 2 love me r u thea.

  23. i tottaly heart this website.i disagree though that you have to love a guy to kiss him.when i was a teenager a couple years back i didnt believe that you could fall in love and i still kissed guys even though i only liked them.

  24. Since when does a kiss on the lips means I love you,
    or anyway you touch someone mean that you love them..

  25. Haha im In love With Him So Much

  26. i really liked this. as i was going down they were getting cuter. ive never actually known what each kiss means but i hope they’re true xx

  27. for me kiss is a cute romantic feeling!!!!!!!!!

  28. Love when my baby does this to me and even doe u may feel lonely ull always remember these moments………thanx lol : )

  29. this really gud.i did not understand theses things.a girl came to visit me in my house ,i asked for a kiss and she gave me on the lips.so i searched the meaning .i now know she loves me.but before i did not know.anyone who knows more should pls contact me so we can share ideas.luv yu all.am king,. my num is 002330268782376

  30. I really appreciate these, don’t ask for a kiss. Kiss is a symbol of love.

  31. I think this is really rite and by the way so damn cute aww

  32. Huuuh….I was thinking of some one all the way through as i was reading this thing”’ By the way’ This is so lovely….for sure you don’t have to ask for a kiss you simply take one ….. I love this…aawww!!!!

  33. having been in a relationship as long as i have been, i know when i am being kissed and its about passion and love, or the kiss of death. kiss of death, feels emotionless and its like kissing a dead fish, so i found someone else that enjoys kissing me.

  34. i do love my husband, i think we just stay married due to family n kids, i stopped begging him for the attention. he gets his needs met then he s gone, its a loveless marriage …and many ask why are u married to a man that doesn t show u affection. I don t care anymore, if he were to show affection to me now, id think his body was taken over by aliens.

  35. What does a kiss on the nose mean? My boyfriend does that daily.. Please tell!!

  36. Hieee, awww so cute and it is true….!!!:)

  37. It’s a complete new world,when we kiss some1.I hav’nt kissed anyone yet but once it felt great when i do kissed my loved1 in a wow dreamland………but yet i didn’t met her……..

  38. Wow,,,,!! Its really 100% rite i like it Uuummuuahhh!!

  39. I was thnking abt a girl which i love but can i get her

  40. hey guysss let me tell you that i thought of him whom i always fight with..am i in love with him ? thnxx fr thiss

  41. Yes I was defently thinking about someone iwe just had our 3rd kiss and it just keep on getting better

  42. I dont understand. My old BF and i did some of this stuff and a few days latter dumped me. ;( 😦
    But i do think these things will work for me and a better boy if i get one any time soon. :/

  43. Thinking of someone av jux kiss

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