Missing someone!

Its been almost 2 days I have talked to the person I am trying not to miss, I know it seems like a short period of time, but considering the amount of text messages and emails we exchange and the long hours we spend over phone, these 2 days without any kind of interaction really seems to be very long and painful. I miss hearing his voice…I miss seeing the number on the caller id of my phone..the mails in my inbox…

But hey by the time I could complete this post, that special person called up and its amazing how much better I m feeling now! But then the moment we hung up..that weird feeling is back..but then I guess have to deal with it for a few more days..how many..not sure. Just miss it all, texting or calling up whenever i feel like…n talking to our heart’s content…most of which are just stupid things, that we realise every time before hanging up and then have a good laugh. Just wish these days pass by as quickly as possible so that we can be back to the old condition..though …miles apart ..but in constant touch with each other.

Missing you like crazy…!!! 😦

11 thoughts on “Missing someone!

  1. hmmm… u kno wat… i think its high time you publish your own marriage pics here 😛 … get married dear!

  2. Oh! you forget the name of the person 🙂

  3. @ Naved
    well more than me you are impatient about it all!! ne way ya wil surely share it here too!!!

  4. @Vikram

    wel well well..i dint forget the name..its just tat..i dont want to divulge!!! 😛

  5. ofcourse yes dear….believe me the day u get married to him… i will b one of the person who will b really happy for u! 🙂

  6. Hey, very nice blog.. you seem genuine. I really appreciate you have to write. If your man has gone for a long time… why didn’t you go with him? … I mean marry him and go with him… save all the heartache. Coz, heartache costs… not financailly but costs life. Anyway, hope he returns soon.

  7. @Naved
    Hey thanx a lot yaar..i know ..u will b happy..n so will be me!!! 😉

  8. @Imran

    hmm good suggestion…will have to act upon it …. 🙂

  9. Farghana,

    hmmmmmmmmm So is it that the gossip girl is running away from the gossip of her own.

  10. Simple and sweet
    It reminds me something similar which hapnd in my life too. Still missing is also a good thing to happen. 🙂

  11. i am new this blog site n all i never read these kind of things before but once i read your blog it sounds very much interesting to me i”ll always read your blog from now onn…:)

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