Abhi-Ash Wedding in Pictures

Amidst much ho-hum and media as well as public interest, the Ash-Abhi wedding finally took place on Friday 20th of April, 2007 and hopefully the much-talked about wedding has got over. Despite me complaining all the time of the much hyped wedding…and the media creating a stir..just for nothing important….myself actually never missed a chance to watch the snippets of the the wedding and other ceremonies being aired on various news channels and which I must say was too often!!! Here are the wedding in pictures in order of the ceremonies that took place in the elaborate and pompous wedding, but I cant say they are exclusive.







Abhishek Arrives



A bored couple





For more exclusive pictures go here.


20 thoughts on “Abhi-Ash Wedding in Pictures

  1. Great photos.

    You might want to try the new wordpress widget for all the videos, music, pictures
    you put on here.

    It’s called the Box.net media widget

  2. I wish you both a very happy married life

  3. hamesha khush raho abaad raho

  4. May GOD bless u & you got a award of BEST COPLE IN THE WORLD!
    My freiend say, ” Live long life”
    take care u 2 and also send me any GOD NEW!

  5. v.nice couple i wish u both a happy married life may god bless u both throughout ur life

  6. what the hell was your problem that you dident invite khan hell with both of you and i wish you very very bad life i did not expct this from banchan family whtever i dont care abt you any more hell with you that is so wrong that you didnt invite khans and spiecally is f up of ash bc she is good friends with sharuk

    by you losers

  7. it ir a really great photo in the world ab hi & ish like a devamanava & deva kanya

  8. Nice photographs I wish both of u a very very happy maried lifeeeeeeeee lluv uuuuuuuuuuu


  10. very nice photos I like it very much

  11. hi happy wedding life

  12. NICE

  13. I Wish You a very Happy Married Life .

  14. hmmmm it was ok ok.i was expecting so much frm them.they didnot allow media to cover wedding at all.so bad.no tv stars.

  15. i wish you guys a happy marriage life , oh and i enjoyed your movie DOSTANA good acting

  16. i am waiting for some good news in your life

  17. nice photos.
    happy all.

  18. looking so nice . . . Hapy married life. . . waiting 4 goodnews

  19. u r lukin damn cute in your sherwani yar.. i wish main wahan hoti 2 c u live,

  20. i like aish and abhi together……..reallyy……they are very very nice couple..suuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbb couple….:-)

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