Girls..are you Listening???

Well someone sent me this poem as to wot guys expect of their wife…hmmmm….just look what expectations guys have from us..what do they think we are?? Anyway ..I found it very funny……so here it is….

Aisi apni Wife howife.gif

5’5″ jiski height ho,

Jeans jiski tight ho,

Chehara jiska bright ho,

Weight mein thodi light Ho,

Umar me difference slight ho,

Thodi see wo quiet ho,

Aise apni Wife ho….

Sadak per sab kahe kya cute ho,

Bhid me sab kahe side ho, side ho..

India ki paidaish ho,

Saas ki seva jiski khwahish ho

Aisi apni Wife ho…

Padosi jab baat kare to haath me knife ho,

Dinner candle light ho,

Dono me na kabhi fight ho,

Milne ke baad dil delight ho,

Hey prabhu teri archana uski life ho.

Yeh kavita padke sab kahe “Guru, tum right ho”,

Aisi apni Wife ho…

Agar aisi apni wife hoto kya haseen life ho

Har kisi ki yahi farmaish ho

Qudrat ki bhi aazmaish ho

Khudah ke software mein bhi bug ki na gunjaish ho

Ay kaash, kahin to ek aisi paidaish ho

Aisi apni wife ho, aisi apni wife ho

4 thoughts on “Girls..are you Listening???

  1. This poem is ideal one however which is next to impossible.
    my dear poet before expecting such expections you would have to meet similar expections of the counter part.

  2. So at last you found out the requirement for the wifes

  3. WoW .. What a Poem buddy . Really a good one . I love these line ” weight mein thodi light ho , umar mein difference slight ho ”
    Nice find . Good Luck !!

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