Amazing Thought

While browisngthe net came across this interesting piece of writing. This poem was nominated Poem of 2005 for the best poem , written by an African kid………amazing thought!!!

When I born, I Black,
When I grow up, I Black,
When I go in Sun, I Black,
When I scared, I Black,

When I sick, I Black,
And when I die, I still black..

Black & White

And you White fella,
When you born, you Pink,
When you grow up, you White,
When you go in Sun, you Red,
When you cold, you Blue,
When you scared, you Yellow,

When you sick, you Green,
And when you die, you Gray..
And you calling me Colored??

6 thoughts on “Amazing Thought

  1. it’s sad that race still divides. All human beings, on this planet, trying to get by. Just the surface differences.

    There will be a day when this is behind us.


  2. very beautiful poem. Thanks to bring it our notice

  3. Hey another one of your lovely n wise post. you got a beautiful blog…. full of inspirations, wonderful thoughts and wisdom. Reading your posts makes one feel the cool breeze of your heart and soul…just thru your blog. May everyone who is here, feel as well…
    keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Lol!!

    Love the pic…. 🙂

  5. Hah!

    Beautiful pic… and I have read this one before… it’s a pretty neat comeback for when people call blacks “coloured”, I guess.. 🙂

  6. @ everyone

    Thanks to one…thanks to all!!!

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