KBC Makes a Comeback with Shah Rukh Khan

And after a year Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC makes a comeback and and that too with a bang. After all the anticipation and expectations from the show Shahrukh did it!!!

The Indian Televison got bigger and also better. Sharukh took the hot seat as the host of KBC. The game remains the same …Rs. 2 crore, four lifelines, 15 questions and ofcourse four options. There was much anticipation as will “Lock Kiya jaye” feature as much in the third edition? Nopes it too got a new avatar..”Freeze Kiya jaaye” with Shah Rukh Khan, in his latest avatar as game show host. Will he be wishing his viewers “Shabbakhair“? and what about the shuddh hindi stuff? At the very beginning he made it very clear that he wont be using shudhh hindi made popular by Big B on the show. But with the kind of personality and image he has..it suited him well. Well Shahrukh added loads of humor to the show..It’s become more of a fun show and that I think will relieve the contestants of the tension buliding up.

ShahrukhKhan KBCHis interactions with the contestants exuberates warmth and great empathy for them which gives the impression that he really wants the contestant to win the greatest amount possible. And SRK, known for his wit and gift of the gab, laced the show with impromptu humour that has you chuckling even at the distant remove of your own home.

And the roll-over contestant from last year ..and not last nite..Prosenjit Sarkar, excise inspector from our very own Kolkata, kinda created history with being the only contestant to be questioned by both the hosts.

Me being a SRK fan won’t go all ga-ga over him…and to be honest in the initial 10 mins of the show SRK looked tense, with nervousness clearly visible but gradually moved to a little relaxed host in the end. Of course, he had to live up to the expectations of the people and the comparisons with Big B which is inevitable. To compare the two will be a big blunder. C’mon both are as different from each other as water and fire.

But let me tell you Big B and SRK both of them are legends of Indian cinema…so what I would suggest is to watch the show and enjoy it..rather than getting into such folish debates..just as news channel NDTV started its SMS poll…of whether..SRK or Big B was a better host …and the last I heard both SRK nad AB had got 50% votes. Who cares!!

And by the way show is again young now… the namashkaar, salaam and the final kiss to young is surely a good sign and his desire to get connected to the young generation of India.

And not mention the hip-hop song at the commencement of the show is kinda cool!

At the end of it all, I can proudly say Shahrukh you Rock!!!

6 thoughts on “KBC Makes a Comeback with Shah Rukh Khan

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  3. I watch KBC even though I cannot speak Hindi. I know that this sounds mad. It is not only because SRK is very handsome, but because his warmth constantly shows through. His eyes sparkle, he communicates wonderfully with the audience and he makes people feel at ease. I have confirmed my opinions with a Hindi speaker so I am not imagining it all. I only wish that we,English only speakers, could have Sky news ( English version you often see in Gyms) type subtitles because although these are not always accurate it would allow us to enjoy even more of the programme. I have only seen the rap video once and I don’t know when or where it is being played, but I would like to see it nightly.
    The whole package is, what I think Shah Rukh wanted it to be, is a real lifter of the spirits. A brave risk taker who loves and cares about people and this shines through.

  4. franchement tres extraordinaire shahrukh khan

  5. @ Mona
    bien sure..c’est la verite…je pense comme moi vous aimez Shahrukh Khan..Il est le ROI!!!!!

  6. hi

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