What the HELL is HELL!!!!

The word “Hell” in Arabic is Jehannam. The word Jehannam is derived from the Hebrew word Gehinnom. Gehinnom is again derived from the word which means Guy ben-HinnomValley of Hinnom’s son. There is no mention of who was Hinnom or what was his son’s name, in the History. Hinnom must have been the initial owner of that valley.

History goes back to pre-Israelite era when Canaanites used to sacrifice children, by burning them alive, in a valley called Hinnom which is in south of Jerusalem. The valley of Hinnom later became a dumping ground of animal carcass, unclaimed dead bodies of criminals and garbage. The stench from the valley was so strong that the rotting garbage in Hinnom had to be burned periodically. The fire would last for weeks, even months. That is how the term “Hellfire” has been coined. Hinnom was a fiery mountain of garbage.

Ironically today’s Hinnom is nothing of that sort. It is a public park in Israel.

Hinnom Valley

So if someone says “go to hell”, you can have nice walk in a public park.

Source: Encyclopedia of Middle East


3 thoughts on “What the HELL is HELL!!!!

  1. Interesting!!

  2. wow! u did ‘hell’ lot of research yaar 😛
    nice one! lets go for a walk… wat u say? 🙂

  3. @ Naved
    well u surely need a walk ..so y dont u take one!!:P

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