Is Love Always Painful??

Had told myself always am never gonna fall in love…cos i know from experiences of my friends that love brings with it lots of pain…so never had the courage to fall in love cos didn’t have the heart to bear the pain the fall would ultimately give in return. Have never let my heart rule the mind……had been the strongest person in my group of friends but then am also human and one weak moment led to the fall and the hurt and pain was inevitable. They say loving him is my biggest mistake but how can it be so wrong if it feels so right?

But me being the strong person I am (some people think so..I m not telling this on my own, ok?) will definitely overcome this trauma, will take time…but I know I can and I will!!

It goes that to love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.

So does that make my love zilch …nothing….?? I’m still wondering…..

And some very BAD person sent this to me as a balm for quick recovery..which makes him even more BAD…..

In life when you have to make a choice between the one you love and the one who loves you,

Choose the one who loves you.

Because you can learn to love someone….

But cannot teach someone to love you!!”

Thanks BAD for everything!!!

10 thoughts on “Is Love Always Painful??

  1. wow! there is a romantic side of you as well… u never told me as yet… bahut buri baat hai.
    anyways, love happens n it hurts as well… but believe me it is one feeling tat is essential in life… always! nice to know that my friend been so strong!

  2. @Naved

    yups!!! had always..heard from friends but cud never feel their pain until inflicted by it personally!! 🙂

  3. 🙂

    Love never brings pain with it; people do.

  4. yeah love hurts … dats v true!
    but always try to make love a succesful one n not break it.
    da more it hurts the more its deep n strong.

  5. thats why it is said : ‘ you Fall in love!’ and not Rise.


  6. I totaly agree with Sunrise, ppl hurt not love.
    Perfect love castout fear.

    To love is a gift, and if it is thrown back at you, that is not ur fault, but the other.

    Life is to be lived and loved to the fullest!, so I say love with all your heart, love free and let no one make you feel bad for given a beautifull gift! 🙂

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  9. I’m sorry but love does bring pain. It’s not just people. Emotions do what they are meant to do, over come the logical side of you at times and the strongest of these emotions is love. Love is what changes people for good or bad. Often times ‘bad’ love is just extremely strong love clouded by fear therefore making your judgements the wrong ones, but if there wasn’t that strong emotion of love to overcome my logic at times would I have made these decisions?

    Love at times is like an infection you can’t get rid of, just learn to live with it, but its presence is very real and when people feel lonely at times, its love that does this, its you who has to make the decision to stop it and change your life.

  10. Emotion is the trigger
    that births a tiny tear
    Could be love or happiness
    or sadness and/or fear.
    Tear drops start their flowing
    from deep within our heart
    When feelings overwhelm us
    through our eyes they will depart
    Tears of Sorrow – Tears of Joy

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