It’s Christmas!!!

Finally changed my theme. As I was browsing the WordPress Themes I came across “Vermillion Christmas” theme and how I wished I could have it on my blog. And today morning, wish came was featured on WordPress and without wasting another second.. I switched to it. I just love just sets the Christmas mood to full swing. Added this Sonific Songspot widget too to my sidebar and have this all time favorite “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as the featured song. And if you are wondering how to get it on your blog. .. well WordPress gives you a step-by-step instructions with screenshots for your aid. So go ahead add one to yours too.

So as the song plays….


“I wish you a Merry Christmas. ..

I wish you a Merry Christmas….I wish you a Merry Christmas!!”

“LeJa LeJa Re” Video

The soothing voice of Shreya Ghoshal, which is at its best in this purely divine song “LeJa LeJa”, aroused the romantic in of me. Shreya is accompanied by Ustad Sultan Khan, whose song “Piya Basanti re” with Chitra was equally sweet and romantic. I fell in love with the “LeJa LeJa” the very first time I heard it and my iTunes play count shows it to be 45..and as I type out this post the count goes up to 47. However, when I saw the rushes of the video, was really disappointed and thought the song hasn’t been justified.

But it was only this weekend that I saw the full video and I sure was in for a surprise…the video has been shot with a totally different concept…sweet n cute.. n.lovely. To sum it up in one word – “exquisite.” So here is the full video from YouTube.

Album: Ustad and Divas
Video: “Leja Leja”
Artists: Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya Ghoshal

As for those who want to download this video and other videos from YouTube in a format playable on your Windows Media Player, read this post.

Not just another day

Well, today was a major day in my life. Got two people working under me ….with me giving them training. The thought of the d-day had been scaring me..but thanks to my boss and a colleague who kept on encouraging me and expressing their confidence in me, I finally did it. I was so jittery as to how will I manage two persons. But hey guess what I was able to handle both of them.. and I think I did a pretty decent job. And one thing I realized today was that patience sure is a virtue and I need to have loads of it. Nevertheless, hope I am able to perform my duties well and live up to the expectations my boss has from me and the faith he has in me. So people wish me luck!!

International Space Station….here she comes!

So another triupmh for Indian women !! Yes, Sunita Williams, after Kalpana Chawla, made us proud once again to be the second woman of Indian origin(she is half Indian, half-American) to board the Discovery..and most important part she gets to do the space walk making her one of the six privileged female spacewalkers, ever since America first sent an astronaut on a walk in orbit in 1965! Talk of men n their prejudice!!

Sunita Williams

And the reason for less number of women space walkers….is the existing spacesuits, which are not designed for small sizes. NASA’s explanation …it doesn’t have the budget to make small suits. I guess NASA probably didn’t anticipate that women would storm the final frontier. And what can we expect from a country which never had a woman president.. n their tall claims about gender equality!!

Anyway, its thumbs up for Sunita !!! Way to go girl!

It’s in the air….

Do I let it in or not?? Yes i can feel it in the air….it’s here…knocking on my door – all ready to be welcomed in. Well, I can’t really stop it. These natural phenomenons are simply not under our control. Every evening walking back home from work, I take a deep breath and can feel the nip in the air… it’s a great feeling. And I have this urge of takinga an evening stroll with my sweetheart, hand in hand, feeling the warmth, cold wind blowing against my face, sharing our little secrets…… Ok ok guys.. I will stop here. (People knowing me would be thinking since when did Farghana become so romantic… !! Guys..I too have a heart!)

Hey it’s here. Winter is here, once again. My favorite season is here. Winter brings along with it a deluge of celebrations – festivals, fairs, exhibitions, flower shows. It’s the time to party – Christmas parties, New Year Party, get-togethers, indulge in those sumptous Christmas cakes and other yummy stuff dished out by Kookie Jar and Kathleen, with it’s after-effects to be seen a month later. Any which way.. I just love the season and can’t wait to enjoy every moment of it!!