Orkut Under Maintenance

Early morning this came as a shocker to me “Orkut Under Maintenace”!! How on earth could they do to us without a prior notice!! It was like taking away my morning fresh air..and i was left gasping fro breath! It’s like choking….not knowing what people had to tell me via their scraps! And I can say without Orkut the day will be slow and agonizing. I feel like a drug addict who gets placed in rehab in an abrupt fashion. It seems to be like the days when I was unknown to the social world of Orkut. It will be dull definitely, but productive I guess. 😉 and the reason behind it..c’mon I need not tell!!


Hope its back and up soon!

5 thoughts on “Orkut Under Maintenance

  1. its been down since midnite 😦 I woke up n the first thing i did was to check whether the site is back or not! I m not connected to many ppl thru orkut, but the few friends that i have… they all r priceless gems. i hope its back soon.

    Why would the day be more productive?? cummon.. u dont leave your work aside for the scraps.. do u!

  2. @ Naved

    hey i gotta kno this morning only!!

    I dint say more productive …mind it!!

  3. actually… how wud u know at midnite… u were buzy snoringg then 😉

    the way u wrote productive.. it signifies more in itself!

  4. @ Naved

    hello if Orkut is down dat doesn’t mean we gotta wash r dirty linen on my blog!

  5. i didnt mean to do tat! neways… sorry!

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