It Feels Good!!!

This Christmas has been full of surprises for me…getting two unexpected make that three ..the third one not unexpected but definitely a great gift.

First that  WordPress gave me the theme of my desire – Vermillion Christmas.

The second being my blog featuring in Blogs of the Day……yes I made it there not to the top but at no. 24. But that doesnt reduce it’s importance. I’ m just loving it! Hey here is the screenshot of it.


Coming to the third one..found one great human being to add to my list of assorted friends. I believe each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

When it comes to friends I can say I have been very lucky to have found some real gems..they are not just precious …they are priceless!! Except for one or two who turned out be ….just stones….but one needs the presence of both good and bad, genuine and false….to distinguish the two and appreciate the real ones.

Ya I know I am far too old to believe in Santa but for once it feels like I am a little child whose wishes have been fulfilled and she just cant stop smiling.  So I just guess that I have been a good girl this year..hence being showered with things trivial but bringingng with it loads of happiness!

Merry Christmas!!!

5 thoughts on “It Feels Good!!!

  1. for once….. i m out of words!

  2. congratulations for being a part of that list for the day n wish u better luck next time…
    i m not sure about u… but i did find a great friend to keep forever. do stay.

  3. @Naved

    Yeah so finally..i cud shut Naved up!!!

  4. First of all, hearty CONGRATULATIONS for all the wishes that came true, whether expectedly or unexpectedly. Hope to see life offering much more to my dear friend.

  5. @ Shoaib
    hmm so someone did finally get the time to read my blog and actually write a feedback!!

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