“LeJa LeJa Re” Video

The soothing voice of Shreya Ghoshal, which is at its best in this purely divine song “LeJa LeJa”, aroused the romantic in of me. Shreya is accompanied by Ustad Sultan Khan, whose song “Piya Basanti re” with Chitra was equally sweet and romantic. I fell in love with the “LeJa LeJa” the very first time I heard it and my iTunes play count shows it to be 45..and as I type out this post the count goes up to 47. However, when I saw the rushes of the video, was really disappointed and thought the song hasn’t been justified.

But it was only this weekend that I saw the full video and I sure was in for a surprise…the video has been shot with a totally different concept…sweet n cute.. n.lovely. To sum it up in one word – “exquisite.” So here is the full video from YouTube.

Album: Ustad and Divas
Video: “Leja Leja”
Artists: Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya Ghoshal

As for those who want to download this video and other videos from YouTube in a format playable on your Windows Media Player, read this post.

115 thoughts on ““LeJa LeJa Re” Video

  1. i fell in love with this song from the very first time i heard it, just like you 🙂 there aren’t many singers whom i call talented, but shreya’s is one of the (very) few that i do! sigh, i love her voice.

    and i’m glad to find another person who love both “piya basanti” and “leja leja re” just as much as i do lol 🙂 take care and hope you always have such nice taste in songs hahahaha

  2. @ Sarah
    i think there will be plenty of other people who will agree with us. n e way thanks for your comments.

  3. man.. i just love this song alot…. n piya basanti… dont ask.. my most favourite song ever………. i just love these songs alot… wanna download a video of leja leja?:S.. any good site for it?

  4. Yo! iam from dubai and i heard this song on Mtv India and IT hasnt left my mind ever since…if any of you could translate the lyricsfor me I’d really appreciate it! thanx 🙂

  5. the songs are verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice it just made me realyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy i feel every one will feel the same, shreya realy a very talented singer, “leja leja re” song is the best

  6. Man I just love this song …..both the song the video compliments each other perfectly…..shreya’s voice is mind blowing and Ustad Sultan Khan is a divine entity……..

  7. it is really nice

  8. This song is really very nice. When i heard it i just get in love…
    Its amazing story of love…!!!

  9. a song is very nice.

  10. Download Leja Leja Re BY Ustad and Divas
    BUt it has some number shown in the video why is that ?
    cooolstar loves this songs

  11. i fell in love with this song the first time i saw the trailer on sony n then heard it online. it really shows the innocence of love, life, and ones’ emotions!
    ~great song, and the video was something totally different, other than your regular average videos! simply beautiful~

  12. Oh i loved the track tooo…. was really sweet.. expecially the drwaings that they made throughout the video.. loved the lyrics a lot too

  13. Oh !! i just love the song.It’s so beautiful that i just want to watch it again n again n again….And specially the vedio and the actors…i just luv ’em…Its a completely unique song , its vedio ,its story , its music and all….
    Since i watched the song mine eyes is in my mind..i luv it entirely.

  14. i just luc the whole song….but unforutnately i have no idea about the actors..really wanna know about them.i’ll appreciate you if anyone could tell me about the actors…both male and female.Cox i dont watch hindhi songs much and coincidentally i saw this song and really am curious to know about it and all…
    pls…i hope i’ll get a reply soon.

  15. Nice song

  16. Nice songs

  17. This song is really nice but the drawing bit the video was copied from Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” video. At times I feel that Indians don’t have a single creative bone in their body! They are famous for copying American or English things…

  18. i just love this song i like it and i just crazy about that song leja leja re

  19. The video is just a copy of Daniel Powter’s video “Bad day” which kinda annoyed me, cos the song is really good, they could have made an effort instead of copying. Anywyas Can someone tell me the name of the guy in the video, cos he’s damn cute!!!!!

  20. Hey I just found out his name, the bloke in the video is Varun Toorkey :s strange name, but who cares! he’s damn cute, well gals you’ve got his name now 😉 the actress is Nina Sarkar

  21. Its simply great!! the song.. the concept.. the videography.. especially the bus stop sketch thing… Superb!! Mindblowing!!

  22. THis video is great as well as lyrics.
    And what superbly this song is sung by two great duo.
    Concept is very bright.

  23. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. Such an intense soul stirring video r really rare n I think it redefines love. And none but a true lover will understand this video perfectly. Really, it’s too good. Awesome!!!

  24. my gosh dis song is soo sweet i luv it a lot n da video is soooooooo cute

    i luv shreya’s n ustad sultan khan’s voices both r so different yet sound so sweet 2geva

  25. Hello frnds this video is really btfl and i am in love with this video whn no one saw it coz we have worked on postproduction of the video.This video is directed by Lucky movie director Radhika Rao.I knw its damm btfl video.

  26. The video is nice iska accha quality wala kaha sei download karu mpg ya avi dono chalega, if anyone knows the url please post it

  27. @Huma

    hey Huma thnx for ur research and geting the info ..hope dats helpful to gals looking out for the dude!!!

  28. nice song

  29. beautiful song

  30. Gr8 song it is…Singers has done fabulous job here…thanks for giving us such Gr8 song. The GIRL in video has given perfect expressions..which increases the beauty of the song..

  31. I loved the diff. concept of this Video, I fell in love at the first time when i heard this song.
    But I want to suggest, if Director would have given full clothes to the actress she would have looked good as per the Song dressing code is totally opposite.


  32. Cool! Really nice video – I am really impressed with the quality and perfection with which it is edited…

    Nice concept – Brilliant Visualization – I love it!


  33. hey i m zabir and i just love the song leja leja re and i crazy about that song

  34. i just love this song… can u tell me how can i dwnld it

  35. i really like this song & i want to downlod that picture witch is making by the boy in this song. can u sand me that picture plzzzzz yar

  36. i want to downlod that picture witch is making by the boy in this song. can u sand me that picture plzzzzz yar because i m crezy for the beautiful pc.

  37. i like shreya ghoshal voice ,nice song , sweet model

  38. hey plz send this video to my email id plz send it plz

  39. i loveeee this song. does anyone know where i can get the full lyrics to dis song?

  40. hey mehreen i m having the same question plzzzzzzzz can anybody answer our question plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!:)****

  41. weris my greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat “chithraaji”?

  42. in this album top song is “HAIRE RAAT BHAR” chitraji ur the singer.

  43. this song touches my soul iam in love wd ds song nd ds video!ech nd every lyrics means a lot to me nd d manner it is shot is superb!this is d beauty of song thanxs to shreya ustad nd d one who thought abt d concept!it is beautiful man!

  44. i love this song very much but i am not indian so i can’t know meanning. please translate to me

  45. nice song and concept of the song is very very good, i really love the lyrics of the song. ustad sultan khan and shreyas voice is perfect for the video.

  46. shreya ghosal is my favourite
    i like her every song

  47. shreya ghosal is the best

  48. chithraji is the only versatality singer in india now

  49. The video features model Nina Sarkar from Bangalore as the Leja Leja girl and Varun Toorkey, a dashing young model from Mumbai

  50. hi can any ane tell me where can i download his song i am looking for it from last one week but i culdnt find a link

  51. uu rock!!!!!1

  52. i like nina sarkar

  53. mind blowing……….. hats off !…… such a touchiung song….cant describe in words…. simply great….please get me a video copy of this song….

  54. hi how are you

  55. hmmmm .. i had gone through every ones’s comment … every one has praised ustad and shreya ….. but no one had said bout the cutie nina sarkar … NINA U R VERY CUTE AND SWEET … I SEE THIS MUSIK VIDEO TO C U ONLY NO ONE ELSE , I HAD BCOME UR GREAT FAN …. I C UR VIDEO EVERYDAY 60 TIMES . U R REALLY BEAUTIFUL ….

  56. This song is very nice and varun toorkey is very cute

  57. Guys
    i am crazy of this song, i usually dont watch TV much it was when i was alone i saw this song, i cudnt believe there was tears in my eyes, as i am alone no girlfriend i was some what shocked by seeing how these 2 meet up by jus drawing on street boards and fall in love even if each have different ideas
    bottom line thats awesome love story

  58. mind blowing vedio & song

  59. it’s really amazing song…

  60. hey Frnds any website wer i can download MP3 of leja leja

  61. Awesome, touchy number.
    My current favourite

  62. This song makes a pleasent feeling in my heart. because it remind me of munia. she is a sweet little girl with daring personality. It is very to know her well but I think we will become a good friend.

  63. shreya ghoshal has a nyc voice wid her talent , I just luv 2 listen n c da video of her song “leja leja re” n dis song alwayz touches my heart……

  64. this song has its own meaning.its my favourite song.it expresses the feeling of love which is not done by looking at one’s work.i have a friend who is very handsome,i like him.but he doesn’t pick most of my calls because he is very busy.i dont know if he likes me.i am sacrificing a lot of things for him.what do you think i should do?

  65. offffffffffffffffff its really a mind blowing song
    i love to sing and dance with it……………

  66. Ohh.. I just LOVE this song..
    When ever I listen to it.. I just fall in LOVE.. :$
    Sooo cute..

    xx Naazoo..

  67. nina sarkar..hmm!! she’s got huge nails..kinda scarry

  68. i am fond of this songggggggggggg

  69. whenever i listen this song i start dancing like actress

  70. i love ustad

  71. the model in the song is my rore model … i have already done my hair style like him and now i want to have hair style like ustaddd. and the like that actresss…………………………

  72. bakwas aur ghatiya hai mai jo muze ye song accha nahi lagata

  73. ive gone thru all the comments and m very sad that no1 praised Varun Toorkey:( i think he is sooooooooooooooooo cute and hot and i would die to have a bf like him…….omg i cant get over him..he’s one of the cutest guy ive ever seen

  74. This song is very good to hear and this touch to heart and song and the places are very nice to see and the picture which made in rain is very nice

  75. this song bring more happiness in my life. I like this song very much.

  76. it is a fabulous song. person listening to this song cannot prevent saying the song is good. the coordination between the two vocals is xcellent. a 10 out of 10 for this song.(CHEERRSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). KEEP SMILING


  77. This Song Is Outstanding i respect the voice of shreya ghoshal. The Combination Of These Two Singers is tremendous. This Song Is Absolutly Fabulous. The way Shreya Sings Is Different From Other Singers(f). I love this Song veryyyyyyyyyyy Much and i hope that she will rock the world with her UNIQUE type of voice

  78. I just love this song as it is playback by Shreya Ghosal. And its video is so cute and unique and also its music, as my girlfriend become so mad to this song also.

  79. yes da song is reall nyce, nd man was i addictedto it, i still am (hehe) anbd ppl hu r wondering y varun has a wierd surname, im gessing dat he is from turkish descendent, hence the surname toorkey, most surnames give clues of peoples ancestral descendants……

  80. Man this song is fabulous. And the video makes it mind blowing.
    I like to summarize this song based on the four sketches made by the
    boy and girl.
    girl – My life is in the midst of a heavy storm.
    boy – No worries I will protect you from it.
    girl – People will still throw dirt at me.
    boy – I will take all the blame.

    This video really made me very emotional. Wonder who came up with the
    concept. Kudos to the person…

  81. @ Noor

    ya the video is amazing….but the concept has been lifted from the song “Bad Day” but still i found the Indian version much better.

  82. lot of things written about this video.
    FACT :
    It is good to watch.
    Good concept of video

  83. i love thiss song .. its lushhhh …xxx

  84. I fell in love with Shreya after listening this song

  85. nice song

  86. hey gals and boys be ready because i know both the actors .
    The cute dude —– Varun Toorkey
    The beautiful —— Nina Sarkar
    now every body ask me how so i was also given the audition for the video
    but Varun has get selected because he is damn cute yaar ,better luck next time
    I hope I’ll get selected .
    but i must say the video as well as audio is damn good……….

  87. one of my student send me this as a file whil chatting and since then i hear it every day and some times continuously for an hour or so. the point is ….. ins pite of hearing continuously i cant remember the lyrics because i m just lost in the music and melodious voice of shreya. gives a different feeling altogether

  88. I love this song and the clip as well… It’s too good…

  89. realy a very beautiful & cute video with touching expressions………

  90. this song very sweet and lovely,ilove this song

  91. yaar just crazy about this song!!1!
    The model varun is dammm cute and is my chat frnd toooo thru net..
    Im crazy about him 4rm now..
    Lyrics are ausum and video toooooooooooo……!!!!!!!!

  92. Leja Leja re Maheki Raat mein Chura ke Saare rang le jaaaaaaa!!!!!1

  93. wow, mindblowing both audio n video. excellent. tooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood to be true. can’t get enough of it. can’t help coming back here again n again.

  94. beautiful song ! ! !
    i loved the music and the singers were simply great
    but i fell in love with the girl in the video. she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….
    beautiful. GOD where r u why cant i be with her.
    man!!! i feel like crying. okay i wont get emotional and stuff but frankly speaking the song touches my heart and the girl in it simply resides in my heart forever and ever…………………….

  95. man.. i just love this song alot…. n piya basanti… dont ask.. my most favourite song ever………. i just love these songs alot… wanna download a video of leja leja?:S.. any good site for it?

  96. Leja Leja re Maheki Raat mein Chura ke Saare rang le jaaaaaaa!!!!!1

  97. the video is a TOTAL COPY of daniel powter – bad day

  98. its good

  99. yah..song is gud.. n specially tat gal ova der..is damn gud lukin yaar..

  100. she is very pritty,,, the vedio picturisation is copyed from Bad day by daniel.but its ok

  101. this song is my favourite and i reallylove this song its grest song wiht good lyrics its romantic and lovely.

  102. vfaj ukpfyaw yhklba znlix gytqox xabechkl vraphkyfi

  103. I looked up Varun Toorkey’s last name; turns out he’s Parsi.

  104. really? I would have guessed marathi or bengali…

  105. Can any one tell me, what’s the name of the model in Leja Leja(Ustad & Divas)???????????
    If possible juz post me……………. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

  106. what is the name of the actress in this song plz reply me urgently.

  107. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it. Does anyone know what it means?

  108. And the name of the man!

  109. plz very new, can u tell me the name of the very sweet model.


  110. Masha alla

  111. i m love with actress of this song

  112. u can go to youtube.com n d just type leja leja re…u l get its video b4 tt u nid 2 download “U TUBE DOWNLOAD”

  113. can anyone suggest me the name of that actress she is so cute..

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