Not just another day

Well, today was a major day in my life. Got two people working under me ….with me giving them training. The thought of the d-day had been scaring me..but thanks to my boss and a colleague who kept on encouraging me and expressing their confidence in me, I finally did it. I was so jittery as to how will I manage two persons. But hey guess what I was able to handle both of them.. and I think I did a pretty decent job. And one thing I realized today was that patience sure is a virtue and I need to have loads of it. Nevertheless, hope I am able to perform my duties well and live up to the expectations my boss has from me and the faith he has in me. So people wish me luck!!


2 thoughts on “Not just another day

  1. Wish you the very best! may u b a good leader for your team…
    b a good friend n a listener to your team members…
    dont b too bossy dear! LOLz

  2. hmmmm, is this really farghana thanking me. I dont believe it….

    But I should say when encouraged properly, u can do good work, some times even difficult one. Its just that u need to motivated a bit to start with

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