International Space Station….here she comes!

So another triupmh for Indian women !! Yes, Sunita Williams, after Kalpana Chawla, made us proud once again to be the second woman of Indian origin(she is half Indian, half-American) to board the Discovery..and most important part she gets to do the space walk making her one of the six privileged female spacewalkers, ever since America first sent an astronaut on a walk in orbit in 1965! Talk of men n their prejudice!!

Sunita Williams

And the reason for less number of women space walkers….is the existing spacesuits, which are not designed for small sizes. NASA’s explanation …it doesn’t have the budget to make small suits. I guess NASA probably didn’t anticipate that women would storm the final frontier. And what can we expect from a country which never had a woman president.. n their tall claims about gender equality!!

Anyway, its thumbs up for Sunita !!! Way to go girl!

One thought on “International Space Station….here she comes!

  1. You women are definately doing better than us men and making our country proud.Funnily enough,even I posted much the same thing on my blog a few days ago.It’s Here

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