It’s in the air….

Do I let it in or not?? Yes i can feel it in the air….it’s here…knocking on my door – all ready to be welcomed in. Well, I can’t really stop it. These natural phenomenons are simply not under our control. Every evening walking back home from work, I take a deep breath and can feel the nip in the air… it’s a great feeling. And I have this urge of takinga an evening stroll with my sweetheart, hand in hand, feeling the warmth, cold wind blowing against my face, sharing our little secrets…… Ok ok guys.. I will stop here. (People knowing me would be thinking since when did Farghana become so romantic… !! Guys..I too have a heart!)

Hey it’s here. Winter is here, once again. My favorite season is here. Winter brings along with it a deluge of celebrations – festivals, fairs, exhibitions, flower shows. It’s the time to party – Christmas parties, New Year Party, get-togethers, indulge in those sumptous Christmas cakes and other yummy stuff dished out by Kookie Jar and Kathleen, with it’s after-effects to be seen a month later. Any which way.. I just love the season and can’t wait to enjoy every moment of it!!

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