Dating Allowance anyone??

Well…we all know this Kalyug …bhalaai ka zamaana hi nahi raha!! At least that’s what Wipro chairman Azim Premjee must be saying. Poor chap, got sued for giving something called “dating allowance” to his employees.

Well a new trend visible in the corporate world is issuing dating allowance to the employees. Since in high pressure jobs employees end up spending more time with each other and obviously there is “chemistry” n attraction! 144.gif

da.jpgSo the company in order to show its concern for the personal lives of their employees help them take the next step in their lives. But then what do you do with the allowance, if you are already married? Well you take another girl out and guess what… u get taken to court by your wife and also get the company sued!!

Read the entire article in The Economic Times.

Well gotta take up this issue with my boss, but hope he doesn’t get to know about the suing part. 😉

4 thoughts on “Dating Allowance anyone??

  1. Thats interesting! wish the NHS here did something like that!!

  2. so what has been the bosses response to that dating allowance

  3. @ Vikram
    he got to know about the suing part n has denied r chance of taking our dates out on comapany expenses is null!!

  4. Seems need to spend money for dating.

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