Is silence always gold?


Someone just told me the other day that “Speak less to people whom who love the most, cos if they can’t understand your silence, they can never understand your words.”  Well I know speech is silver, silence is gold.

But dear I believe that silence is a text easy to misread and I think spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart and do you know silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say?


So now on if I call up someone and someone speaks little and I do the blah blah, which is the case most of the time……..what am I supposed to make out of it? Is that someone listening …or..rather…..reading?

10 thoughts on “Is silence always gold?

  1. In your case Silence is truly gold, Jokes apart, Good post thought out and a beautiful picture to add to to it

  2. Someone meant to say that u should remain silent depending on the situation. Talking when there is no need for it will not do any good. N here we r talking of remaining silent at that time n not suspending talk for ever.

  3. N that someone will not mind if u call up n keep on talking 🙂 Waiting for the next call.

  4. @ someone
    ok ok…got it!! n since someone doesn’t mind my talks…be ready to be tortured yet again!!

  5. @Vikram
    😛 hmph!!!

  6. Cute picture !! and a nice post !!

  7. A nice post.. but talks about only an instance. Nothing is pure… so isnt gold… n so isnt silence.
    I think if people started practicing silence as and when needed, we would have more love and more peace than today!

    Just another instance that hit me… imagine a couple arguing over some stupid thing… n both of them using words tat wud kill… they end up with a fight over nothing. But if one of them had practised silence… u know they wudn’t have eneded up being miserable!

  8. Silence is always gold 🙂 But it shouln’t be taken literally. The quote refers to the state of inner silence versus inner noice comming from the selvdom ceasing inner mental dialog.

    When this inner dialog stops or decreases in intensity a feeling of pease follows and a sence
    of being wrapped in a golden sphere of light.

    Actually the original quote was “Silence is gold” and I reckon that whom ever said it must have experienced silence, peace and the sphere of gold and merely recorded the facts.

    So don’t take it as a rule to live by – take it as a report of what happens when you mind becomes silent.

    I don’t think that suspension of words count as silence though 🙂 but it can lead to true silence though if you dare to feel your broken heart! If you dare to feel the pain. It happened to me it wasn’t nice but it confirmed that it’s impossible to understand others words if you don’t understand their silence, or in other words if you havent felt your true self, how can you understand others true self? How can you make sense of their words?

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  10. weel der r many people who do not understand r silence
    so>>>> i dont belive

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