I am two good!

Well, it was a hectic day, I must say… which wrapped up with me completing two tasks at one go!

My day began With Vikram constantly reminding me that I had to complete the theme I had started off with last Monday. I know it has been over a month since he uploaded a new theme and there had been public demand for new theme. So with the theme finally done I can breathe easy. I must say, more than Vikram, his visitors have become more demanding and keep on leaving messages for a new theme. So guys, be happy here is a new theme – Candlelight.

At Vikram’s request, I tried my hand at creating a favicon. Well, for the uninitiated, a favorite icon or favicon is the sweet little icon you see when you add a site to your favorites or boomark a page. This icon can also be seen in your browser address bar and also next to the page’s title in a tabbed document interface, such as Firefox.  which is not much popular in India though. In Internet Explorer you see the IE logo but hear now the favicon can also be seen in IE 7 with the introduction of tabbed browsing. Talking of IE 7, the bad news for all those having pirated windows installed in your machines, sorry people Microosft doesn’t allow you the luxury of IE 7. Well in case of Vikram’s blog, you see that “V”….well that’s been done by moi and if anyone interested to know how you can also add it to your site, it’s pretty easy. Read my other blog “Positively M.A.D..” to know how you can set up a favicon.

But, I must thank Vikram for having the belief in me and trusting me with the creation of new themes. It’s he who motivated me into trying out something new and with him breathing down my neck and at times getting impatient, it does bring out the better in me if not the best.


One thought on “I am two good!

  1. Hi Farghana,

    Ya it was very difficult to motivate you to get this theme done, but none the less u have done a fantastic job.

    Hope-fully looking forward to a new theme by the week-end(and I mean this week end)

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