Positively M.A.D.

Yes, that’s what I am trying to do. Making A Difference in a postive way. I dont know why the title of the book caught my fancy and just registered a blog with this name -“Positively M.A.D.”  but never kinda posted anything in it

Recently, I finally decided what would I blog about. Very often it happens that I come across applications, softwares, webservices or any trivial thing, which I wish I could share with others and could be of some use. So here I am. Dont know how much of a difference will it make but hopefully will be helpful.

Positively MADNow about the book which inspired the blog.  Get Positively M.A.D. – the book. With compostions by 50 leading authors, the book is a collection of stories, advice, examples, and ideas that show how to create positive change in your organizations, your communities, and the world.

So here’s hoping, despite the complexity of the world’s problems and inadequacies, and despite our own frustration with the current state of affairs, we can indeed Make A Difference.

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