Bhula Do – Video

Just seems that I cant take my mind away from the songs by this Paki band – Raeth…The song “Bhula Do” is so reminiscent of those old school n college days. Really makes me nostalgic.

Saw their video on Channel [V] ..n found it on “YouTube” .. not so great I can state that safely…but it is:

As for those who want to download this video and other videos from YouTube in a format playable on your Windows Media Player, read this post.

But their lyrics really are touching, sample this:.

Ab kyon har baat pe
Tum mujhko yaad aate ho
Pehle ka zamaana thha kya
Har pal tu sang thha mere
Pyaar tera thha zindagi…..

Pal bhar ka saath thha tera
Toota jo sapna mera
Thha woh mahal raeth ka.

P.S.: And have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in the word “RAETH” , we get “EARTH”…one of the five elements, n by the way we already have a band named JAL meaning water.. so do we expect the next Paki band to be AAG meaning fire!!

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8 thoughts on “Bhula Do – Video

  1. Hmmm… Very impressive lists of blog, and growing very fast.
    Keep the good work going

  2. hi
    this is amit from india bangalore i am a student of NIFT bangalore , we have our annual fest by feb mid so we are calling bands and performers we are higly intrested in ur band we want you guys to rock our campus with your music
    it will a good trip for you guys becouse you have thousands of fans here . if intersted in performing please contact me as soon as posible.

    your fan
    amit kumar
    nift bangalore
    mobile- 09886588729

  3. @Amit
    Hey Amit..I dont kno wot gave you the idea that I am a part of the band Raeth…! no ways!! Jus like you a great fan of theirs and love their music!! They rock!! So sorry to disappoint you!! Yeah me too wud love to witness their live performance!! Hey hw abt sending me an invite too if u can get them for ur annual fest.

  4. Hi,
    I want to download the atif aslam’s Doorie and Bhoola do videos.
    But my office network does not support the download network.
    So if any body has downloaded the files in media player format..please send me in my mail address

    thanks in advance

  5. i just love this song “bhula do”
    because it seems to be as real
    and natural i sam made after it and it more than 50 times tin a day but cant download it can anyoe pls solve my problem my id

  6. i love this song.

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to get this song in Mp3 version…but unable to
    If any one has ti please snd it to my email


  8. i love this is a song of reality

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