Raeth – the new-kids-on-the-block

After Junoon, Strings and Jal its now the turn of Raeth,

Raeththe latest Paki band, to create musical sensation in India. Raeth – comprises of Wajhi Farouqui on vocals, Hassan Farabi on guitars and Mustafa Asad on bass, dont know who the fourth guy is!!

The song “Bhula do” which is already climbing the charts, has three versions, in addition to a normal rendition, a club mix version and an acoustic one.
I was really impressed by their soulful lyrics – amazing play of words. Just two listening and am already humming their songs.
Out of the remaining eight tracks of their self-titled album, my personal favorite being “Kitne Zaalim Hain”..it goes something like…
Kitne zaalim hain, jo yeh kehte hain..
Tod lo phool, phool chhodo mat
followed by
Baghbaan hum toh is khayal ke hain
Tehniyon ka lahoo nichodo mat
Chhod do phool, phool todo mat.

Though the band members insist that they are different from “Jal“, they at times do sound like them e.g their “Bhula Do” reminds you a lot of “Woh Lamhey” by Jal.

Speaking of Jal – a favorite band of recent times – Jal’s lyrics are aJal - the band. subtle manifestation of emotions expressed in an energetic and harmonious manner. Their debut album “Aadat” was a huge hit not only in Pakistan but India and South Asia too Their videos of “Woh Lamhey” and “Ik Din Aayega” have been shot amazingly. Download them here.
Music is truly the world’s universal language capable of bringing our hearts and souls together. So here’s hoping for some good music from these people no matter from which side of the border.

40 thoughts on “Raeth – the new-kids-on-the-block

  1. there are no free songs its bulls shit

  2. hi
    this is amit from india bangalore i am a student of NIFT bangalore , we have our annual fest by feb mid so we are calling bands and performers we are higly intrested in ur band we want you guys to rock our campus with your music
    it will a good trip for you guys becouse you have thousands of fans here . if intersted in performing please contact me as soon as posible.

    your fan
    amit kumar
    nift bangalore
    e-mail myamit1@indiatimes.com
    mobile- 09886588729

  3. . muskaan | January 1st, 2007 at 11:21 am

    i love u jal,
    love u love u love u,
    i really love u jal ,
    really really really.
    .i am crazy about jal,
    crazy crazy crazy,
    i am really crazy about jal,
    really really really
    farhan voice is sweet,
    gohar is cool,
    shazi is stilish.
    aur haan raeth is also good but jal is the best

  4. hi gohar,farhan & shazi,
    i am frm fantasy island(pari ka desh)
    i love ur songs
    i hate atif because he had stolen your song
    who am i?
    i am the princess of fantasy island?
    where is fantasy island?
    clowds main

  5. hi,
    this is aditya from india,mumbai.
    i am in spce college of engg and we have our cultural fest in feb so we would like raeth the band to perform for us on one of the pronite as this would be their first live performance for a college.i would like to add one more pt that last year jal came to perform for us and let me tell u the response was overwhelming around 10000 students gathered and that was their first performance in india for a college.
    if interested,

    or email at

  6. i just say one thing about al and that is ,,,

    east or west jal iz da best…..

  7. HI,
    I am Ali from karachi i love raeth very very very much cuz their songs have the true meanings and their songs are just just just gr8 i just want the contact number of the reath’s any member plz plz plz give me the number of raeth plz just sms me the number my contact number is 03453008879
    plz give me the number plz


  8. Hy!!iam sara khan frm pakistan!
    i lov jal the band!,itz rock,new album kab aye gee!:(v r waiting here!
    rock pplz!
    amazing,smart,rock,cute,&lovly guys!

  9. Jalz sngs r bullshit a like Atifs. Atif rox,Jal sux

  10. hi jal i love u.im ur biggest fan.My name is farhan mirza.Shazi i love u and ur style.

  11. farhan you are the COOLEST person and you are such a good singer i love your album jal bond and i wish it would go for succes ok

  12. i wish Atif Aslam was as cool as u
    are Farhan.

  13. jal rock atif suck he is so stupid and a loser

  14. jal is a very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy must band.

  15. Best of luck all guys.

  16. Assalam walekum, goher & farhan i m really a big fan both of u.Your style,song,voice&music r the gift of ALLAH.I wish, ki Allah ne alwayz aap logo ko yaad rakha hai,meri wish hai ki aap sabhi unhe hamesha yaad rakhe,tabhi woh bhi aap zaroor yaad rakhenge.(Allah hafiz).

  17. All the best guys.Keep it up………..

  18. Best wishes

  19. Hi,Goher u r very handsom & i love u so much that i can’t say about u. I live in India & i m a resident of small city Allahabad.(khuda hafiz)

  20. Hi,Goher u r very lovely&sweat person beco’z after stolen ur Adat song by Atif, u did’t express ur emotional feelings.So i m very glad 2 u.I m a resident of small city Allahabad which iz situated in India.(khuda hafiz)

  21. I love Goher musics.He is a gorges person & an honest composer.

  22. hi i am chandra i am from india, mangalore…i ve listened both jal, jal-boondh its very sweet.especially humein itna pyaar…all the best to jal…i wish them good luck and i pray to god that you guys have to be singin and fyling all the time…

  23. Hi, i m saher frm India. Jal is the best band in the world, best of luck goher, farhan & shazi.(Allah hafiz)

  24. Hi, this is saher frm India.I would like to say that ‘chalte chalte’ & ‘sajni’ r the best song of jal’s band.I wish to Allah ki woh aap logo ko aur bhi confidence de so that aap log aur bhi best songs compose kar sake.(Khuda hafiz)

  25. Assalam walekum, goher,farhan& shazi. I m really a great fan of ur’s band,your’s talent is a gift of Allah & specialy goher u r very talented guitarist,composer&lyrist.Keep it up all bodies….& alwayz remember Allah beco’z HE has given u a talent&confidence.(Allah hafiz)

  26. Hi, i am saher frm India, happy birthday goher,many..2 happy returns of the day in ur life.God brings happiness in ur life.I love u & you will go so higher,so best of luck for ur next album.(khuda hafiz)

  27. All the very best…..JAL’s

  28. Happy birthday goher,i love u dear.

  29. Hi,i m saher frm india & i m giving a lots of love&wishes 2 all guys of jal’s band.Alvida guys co’z this is my last email for jal’s band&inshallah atif aslam will be again ur band member in future .Best of luck goher,i m really ur big fan & again i m wishing u 3rd time happy birthday to goher.(khuda hafiz)

  30. All the verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry best.

  31. Hey..guyz if you are listening, 1 year before you and your music were the only thing in my life. I dunno i used to live in a world of mine, singin your songs…i guess it completed me…the songs are so spiritual in sense and soulful…i’m not jokin ur songs were the only thing in mi head…hehe ‘specially farhans voice….gawd are you guyz sadamasochists or something…how else could u bring out emotion triggerin numbers…i tried learnin the guitar, ahh..well that dint work out…but i been singin fer over 2 yrs…n folks home say itss..kinda..good…farhan i could kill, 2 have ur voíce man…whatver ur the best band in the world..cheers..peace out..

  32. Hey guys!$you all are really very COOL mostly FARHAN~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. wel, raeth was good as wel as JAL. i dont lyk it nemore s atif is not a member of it. one bull shit gal wrote 2 the jal dat she hates atif. wel babes, lick ur b***s s without atif, jal is of nowhere! after all, every thingz fair in love n war

  34. hey guys first of u cant say atif sucks cuz he doesn’t well atif didn’t copy woh lamhe he said he wanted to sing it but the jal group said no we all sing it together so theirs no one whose copying anyone n u cant blame anyone for no reason n jal is also good but u cant more atif cuz u all know tht so don’t lie guys cuz those boys r cute tht doesn’t mean ur gona hide the fact so tell the truth…. from me everyone rocks!!!!

  35. Hi reath band u all are amazing . I like your songs to much. The song kitne zalim hai is awesome and truly sayin its meningful. God bless you for creating such a beautiful songs love u reathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u roks

  36. And i want to say onething more that atif is not a cheater ok. I wrote this because someone had written that she hates atif. I just wanna say something that shut the F*** up




  40. kitne zaalim hain wo log jo kehte hain tod lo phool , phool chhodo mat……… this writting which is metioned is of great urdu poet Jaun Eliya………..no one else has written it.

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