A special case of coming together

A special case of coming together”

Yes, that’s what my dear friend describes our friendship as. And I truly agree with him. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought of striking a friendship with a total stranger in such a weird way. Both of us try to take away the credit from each other for initiating it. It all started with ME forwarding him a mail (which I couldn’t send to any one else on my mailing list, but I wanted to propagate the message) and how did I get his mail ID??? From the mailing list of another friend, really weird I am!! And lo the next day he sends me an interrogatory mail (you should be a detective my dear friend) as to how do I know him, how did I get his mail ID et al.

Then there was this phase of exchange of fwd mails, until one day, he decided to write me a personal mail (finally!!). And I like replied with a one-liner, to which he greatly objected and still does (but if u know Farghana, u then must be knowing how difficult it is to change her!). Then gradually we got to know each other through one off mails, but it was one long thread(the thread started with him giving me some gyan about guys) of mails exchanged between the two of us spanning from one afternoon till next morning that we really got to know each other n that laid the strong foundation of our friendship.

N the biggest surprise he got was when I rang him up to wish him on his b’day. How I wish I could have fooled him a bit longer by not giving my name so quickly n given him sleepless nights !!

N y am I putting all this down now, cos my friend informs me that we have just completed 6 months of friendship. Time does fly!FriendsForever

So Shoaib, this is to our everlasting friendship.

I really found a true friend in you Shoaib, thanks for being my buddy. Although the miles may separate us, I know my true friend is never far away.

4 thoughts on “A special case of coming together

  1. Dats too flattering dear. However a clap doesn’t happen with one hand. Both need to synchronize perfectly. N dats the reason why our friendship has bloomed in such a short duration. So it won’t be good if we try to discover who has done what in this period. Let’s keep this successful union going.

  2. Fargz… life’s something like that!! Over the journey of life, one picks up these cherishable memories and also souvenirs (read as pals)… ya too got picked up this way 🙂

  3. @ rendtions

    Very true, n btw did i tell you that you are a rare piece in my exclusive gem collection!

  4. hey… it was nice to know ur friend thru u! may ur friendship be like the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life……… may the bonding grow stronger with age! 🙂

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